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Hong Kong-based audio company Shozy is known both for its superb DAC and media players, as well as its push into the in-ear monitor market in recent years. One of these IEMs, the BG 5ba, is another in a long list showcasing Shozy’s versatility. The BG5 comes in at $280 (or $340 for the limited edition blue variant). This is a pretty standard range for IEMs and puts the BG5 amongst some fierce competitors, and I’m going to see how they stand out.

What’s in the Box

  • Shozy BG 5ba IEM

  • Premium Copper Cable

  • Carrying Case

  • Assorted Eartips

Look and Feel

I’m testing the limited edition blue variant of the BG5. The transparent blue housing looks cool and is reminiscent of some early 2000s product design.  While this is purely cosmetic, it does make a big difference in the aesthetic of the BG5. In terms of feel, the BG5 is extremely light and comfortable and comes with several types of eartips to ensure a proper fit. The cable is comfortable and has just the right amount of malleability. The included case is protective and well-constructed.


The BG 5ba features four Balanced Knowles drivers and one Super Tweeter of Shozy’s design. By utilizing a multi-tiered driver architecture, the BG5 can reach clarity throughout the frequency spectrum while keeping the ranges separate. The Super Tweeter was specially designed to add high-end detail that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise.  

The Shozy BG 5ba has a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 22 Ohms.


The soundstage on the BG5 is characterized by its ability to recreate spatial details and airiness. It has nice width and separation that makes the mixes feel more lively but still retains smoothness. The soundstage is incredibly airy and open sounding and makes reverbs and room sounds come alive with its clear high-end detail. However, lead instruments don’t feel close or pushed to the front, which may not be for everybody, but I find the open sound fits a lot of genres and mixing styles in a very surprising way.


In keeping with several of their other IEM models, Shozy kept the bass range relatively tame on the BG5. I thought it sounded very good and clear, though it did lack presence in the sub-range. The low-mids get the most focus of the lows, giving low parts more focus on the tone. Overall, the lows on the BG5 are on the lighter side, but they work and blend very well with the other ranges and have incredible clarity. It ultimately boils down to your preference in terms of bass parts.


The BG5 has incredibly clear and natural-sounding mids. Especially at this price, the BG5’s midrange quality far exceeds many competing IEMs in this price range. I was able to hear good separation of all parts and good emphasis on lead parts and percussive elements. This is a very impressive IEM for those who like flat, clear mids. The sound is mellow overall, which I quite enjoyed.


The super tweeter lives up to its name, the highs are well-pronounced and clear. The range overall is present and crisp, yet forgiving and never makes itself overly present. The highs are what allow for such a clear and airy soundstage, and spatial elements like room tone and reverbs come alive in the BG5.


I was surprised by the BG 5ba. Shozy chose to focus on and refine aspects of this IEM that many other IEMs tend to sacrifice. The BG 5ba sounds good, but it’s different, and I have immense respect for that. The BG5 has some of the best highs and airiness I’ve heard in an IEM at this price range, and I’ve tested some great ones. If you’re looking to experience mixes differently, then I’d highly recommend trying the Shozy BG 5ba.



  • Look great

  • Amazing, open soundstage

  • Natural overall sound

  • Clear mids

  • Really nice highs

You can buy the Shozy BG 5ba here

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