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Sennheiser’s flagship In-Ear Monitor, the IE 900, has been met with serious critical acclaim since its release. Sennheiser has built a reputation as one of the best large consumer audio brands out there, and their previous IEM models have been popular among Audiophiles and casual listeners alike. Sennheiser claims that these are their best sounding IEM yet and, at $1500, they better be. I’m going to see what the IE 900 is capable of.

What’s in the Box

  • IE 900 in-ear headphones

  • Balanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 2.5mm connector

  • Unbalanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 3.5mm connector

  • Balanced para-aramid reinforced cable with 4.4mm connector

  • 3 pairs of silicone ear adapters (S, M, L)

  • 3 pairs of foam ear adapters (S, M, L)

  • Premium carry case with metal serial no. plate

  • Cable clip, Cleaning tool & Cleaning cloth

  • Presentation box with signed customer certificate & User manuals

Look and Feel

Sennheiser knows how to make its products look great. The 900 is reminiscent of its earlier IEM models in appearance. The anodized aluminum housing is a tasteful blend between modernity and traditionalism, sporting Sennheiser’s signature logo. These are also some of the smallest IEMs I’ve used, which was initially off-putting for me, but I soon got used to it. The cable is incredibly well made, with the added benefit of malleable over-ear hooks. The 900 exudes quality from its design alone.


The 900 features Sennheiser’s X3R TrueResponse transducer, coupled with a 7mm dynamic driver to deliver its signature depth and detail. By using only a single driver, the 900s eliminate the possibility of phase issues that arise from multidriver systems, making the sound much clearer.

The Sennheiser IE 900 has a frequency response of 5 Hz – 48 kHz and an impedance of 18 Ohms.


The 900 delivers an incredible soundstage. I can tangibly perceive width, depth, and height in a clearly defined 3D space. Sennheiser has a unique way of bringing a soundstage (and track by extension) to life. The soundstage easily surpasses many of the IEMs I’ve had experience with prior.


From Sennheiser, I’d expect nothing short of impeccable low end. Thankfully, the IE 900 delivers. The lows have just the right level of emphasis to give mixes extra sonic foundation and depth. Kicks have a tangible thump that surprised me for such small IEMs. The bass has a smoother character, but can still get aggressive when it needs to, which is an important characteristic in an IEM. My only complaint was that, due to its small size, the bass can be inconsistent depending on positioning in the ear.


There is subtle scooping in some regions in the mids, Sennheiser seems to be going for near-studio flatness, with a slight alteration to give listeners a pleasant sound character. Vocals and leads are upfront yet don’t shatter the overall blend. The mids sound natural and give a great body to the sound.


The highs on these sound great. This entire IEM is characterized by a good solid consistency throughout the frequency spectrum, so much that the sound is more of a holistic picture than lows vs mids vs highs. That being said, the high sounds are incredibly detailed and do a great job of both reinforcing the illusion of an open, airy soundstage and making you feel like you’re capturing every part of the recording.


Sennheiser has outdone themselves with the IE 900; this is seriously one of my favorite IEMs I’ve tested in recent memory. From its natural sound character to its realistic soundstage, the IE 900 does an amazing job at balancing between an accurate recreation of the sound and an appealing sound for consumers. If you’re serious and want to buy a pair of IEMs that will always sound amazing, I would highly recommend the Sennheiser IE 900.



  • Amazing detail

  • Natural sound character

  • Balanced lows

  • Look great

  • Quality build

  • Incredible Soundstage

You can buy the Sennheiser IE 900 here

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