Question of the week: If you could update one camera from the past, what would it be?: Digital Photography Review

Every week, we ask newsletter subscribers a question about gear, creativity or life. Last week we looked back in time to ponder which classic cameras are overdue for a comeback. We asked readers: If you could update one camera from the past and bring it back to the market, what would it be?

Hundreds of readers wrote in to share thoughtful and surprising responses. Thematically, many reminisced about old film cameras, others wanted an update to DSLRs of yesteryear and a few just wanted to see the guts of top-of-the-line cameras mashed into camera bodies they loved.

Here are five of our favorite responses:

1. Cosina CT-1A

Not the CT-1A but a model that was very similar and a variation from Cosnia. These cameras were very manual with no frills, but they did the job.

Image credit: Aaron Stidwell/Wikipedia

A DPReview reader wrote: “Cosina CT1-A. It was amazingly light and had simple metering, no fuss, no choice. Digital has somehow removed the essence of the moment.”

2. Kodak Retina iic

Image credit: Wikipedia

A DPReview reader wrote: “Kodak Retina iic. A wonderful built camera in Leica Quality with the possibility to just like Fuji x100 use wide and telephoto adaptors. Nice in hand, small and foldable that is the one!”

3. Nikon D300s

A DPReview reader wrote: “For me the Nikon D300s is special. The sound of the shutter, sounds’ just right’ to me. The grip is big and comfortable. I compared it to my D3300 with twice the resolution and it’s much sharper, oddly. The menus have nearly all the options I’d like. If I could change the sensor for one with more detail and reduce the weight I’d be very happy. Now I’m a Z user, I would prefer an EVF, with all the features that brings.”

4. Olympus Pen-F

A DPReview reader wrote: “The original Olympus Pen-F, or, the last one with a self-timer. Wouldn’t want the middle one with the internal meter because it darkened the viewfinder.”

5. Epson R-D1

A DPReview reader wrote: “Epson R-D1. No other proper digital camera has come close to it in replicating the feeling of film shooting. Still my favorite camera but could really use a modern refresh.”

What’s your take? Let us know in the comments.

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