Purpose and the Difference Between the Plantronics SSP1051 PTT cables

These Plantronics SSP1051 adapters are required for secure areas. They are also good for loud environments. Most military or government sites require something like this. There are 3 different versions (SSP1051-03, SSP1051-02, SSP1051-01), here are the differences.

Plantronics SSP1051-03 4-wire PTT Push-to-Talk QD, QD 12in cord

This push to talk adapter works with most Plantronics H-series headsets and M22 amplifier or bottom cable , the SSP1051-03 is considered a “Momentary only “adapter, that means that you need to press and hold to engage the PTT button. When the user stops pressing and holding it the PTT gets disengaged. It has a 12 inch straight cord.  click here to buy now.

Plantronics SSP1051-02 4-wire PTT QD to QD Adapter, 10ft coiled

Plantronics SSP1051-04 4-wire PTT QD to QD Adapter, 10ft coiled

This PTT adapter will work with most Plantronics H-series headsets and M22 amplifier or bottom cable, the SSP1051-02 is a “Selectable” adapter with a lock that allows to use it as a “Momentary” or as “Selectable”. The lock needs to be off in order to use it as a “Momentary only” and keeping an eye of not locking the adapter by mistake. It has a 10ft coiled cable.  click here to buy now

Plantronics SSP1051-01 4-wire PTT Push-to-Talk QD to QD 12in cord, selectable

Plantronics SSP1051-05 4-wire PTT Push-to-Talk QD to QD Adapter

This PTT adapter is compatible with most Plantronics H-series headsets and M22 amplifier or bottom cables, the SSP1051-01 has a “Selectable” switch and really similar as the 1051-02 mentioned before, but the main difference is that the cord is a 12 inch straight cord.   click here to buy now.

All of these items are special order products and Due to the manufactures policy, it’s not returnable, non-refundable.  If it’s defective, Plantronics will replace it for you under warranty.

Plantronics SSP1051-01 4-wire PTT QD, QD 12in cord, selectable

If you’re unsure about compatibility please give us a call. 




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