Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF February 21 – 2 7, 2022

Sometimes, Pisces, the best way to get ahead at work is by NOT trying so hard! And this Wednesday, February 23, a balancing quarter moon in Sagittarius and your career corner can inspire you to do exactly that. While this is your house of professional success and reputation, there are many more dimensions to what you do than the reports, clients, software and routines you go through. For one thing, there are the very real and important interpersonal relationships that keep the wheels greased and make the job FUN. And then there’s the creative aspects, even if others don’t see your job that way. But how happy have you been lately with the direction your job is taking you? If you find yourself waking up in the morning and having to strong-arm yourself to get dressed and get your workday started, that’s a pretty clear sign that something isn’t right.

If you’ve been hoping for ANY kind of change, this quarter moon—in liberated Sagittarius—is a perfect time to initiate it. Is your contact database robust enough? It’s no secret that friends in high places can open doors for you. But it’s up to YOU to nurture those relationships. And no sitting around moping and complaining. Do whatever is necessary to get yourself ready to leap into action should an opening arise. Offer to help influencers out on key projects, and whenever possible, step up and take on more leadership roles. This quarter moon may illuminate a place where you can and should take charge. Perhaps all that’s needed is an attitude shift. Start looking for opportunity instead of things to complain about, and doors may begin opening everywhere you look.

On Thursday, February 24, articulate Mercury in your mystical twelfth house connects with radical, unpredictable Uranus in your communication center, which just might set off a brainstorm avalanche! This is no “what to make for dinner” kind of idea, idea. We’re talking visionary, brilliant, game-changing download—something that has meaning and value for more than just yourself. Don’t assume you’ll remember this later. Take time to write, sketch, notate or otherwise record whatever is coming through. Is it likely to be “perfect” out of the gate? Probably not, but that’s a red herring anyway. What you want to preserve is the essence of the thing, and then later, when you’re in a more detail-minded headspace, you can flesh it out, shape it, edit it or record it on multiple tracks.

And then feel empowered to unapologetically offer others a glimpse of your work, considering it a gift from the great beyond (not your small ego). There’s a message for the masses here, Fish, and you owe it to your community to share it. While you’re deep in Pisces-world, take plenty of notes. Whose work do you admire and why? This is the perfect weekend to take yourself on what author Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) calls an “artist’s date.” Put all devices in do-not-disturb mode then engage in an activity that fills your inspiration tanks. Maybe it’s an hour of sketching or painting, wandering through an exhibit then journaling your reactions—or renting a private karaoke room to sign your heart out!

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