Pisces Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 7 – 1 3, 2022

Pisces season is such a juicy time for you, and this week brings more exciting opportunities to do YOU, Fish! On Wednesday, March 9, mindful Mercury leaves your unconscious zone, where it’s been all year (thanks to a retrograde), and finally returns to your sign. This could signal a renewal of your vitality, motivation and desire to experiment. You’ll be up for (almost) anything from now until March 27—at least!—and you won’t want to waste a precious drop of this energy! As they say, Pisces, this is no dress rehearsal; it’s your moment to take the main stage—and your deserved place among the movers and shakers. What NOT to do: Hem and haw and second-guess whether you’re ready for the big leagues. There are always obstacles on any path, but winners know to focus only on the finish line! And if you have to burn a little midnight oil to reach your goals, remind yourself that this isn’t wasted fuel but an investment in your future, and that today’s efforts will pay dividends over the coming months and years! Need a little support or advanced training to get there? Research appropriate service providers, coaches and programs, and take a leap of faith. Mercury in your sign helps you communicate your ideas as well as your needs. When all else fails, rely on your natural Piscean charm to enlist people you know can support you and who you can help out in return.

If you’ve been running on fumes (again), Pisces, Thursday’s quarter moon in Gemini and your domestic fourth house may force you to take a timeout. It can also remind you of the strength you draw from your dearest friends and family. Haven’t had time to recharge your batteries with inner-circle time? This balancing quarter moon could be your cue to rearrange your schedule and reprioritize how you’re spending your days (and nights). The good news is, it’s never too late to make amends, so under this lunar energy, put your closest people back at the top of your list. Every little bit counts. Make a call while you’re driving to an appointment. Text a BFF while you’re waiting for your latte. Too tired to go out? Invite some friends over, order in, and catch up over Door Dash and a bottle of wine.

You may not have a choice BUT to take some R+R this weekend, so be prepared to acquiesce.  On Sunday, the illuminating Sun and sensitive Neptune (your ruler) have their annual meetup in your sign. On this introspective day, you could resurrect a personal interest that’s fallen by the wayside or reconnect with a soulful friend group. Or you just might be feeling open to exploring something totally new. Rather than focus on all the potential reasons to avoid trying it, why NOT dip a toe in the waters and check it out for yourself. Whatever you get up, as long as your heart is in it, you’re on the right path!

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