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MONTH OF February


Speed up or slow down? You can’t quite decide, Pisces, and we totally get it! Many of the stars are screaming “hibernation” this month. At least they are for the first three weeks while the Sun’s in Aquarius and your restful, closure-focused twelfth house. 


At the same time, lucky and adventurous Jupiter is in Pisces until May 10, igniting your excitement about new adventures and getting you psyched for a fresh start. This rare cycle only happens every 12 years, so you won’t want to squander a second of it, even if you’re sleepy! And with the Lunar Year of the Water Tiger bringing a frisson of novelty and innovation on February 1, you’re eager to tap into this fresh energy.


Besides, you probably feel cagey and cooped up from January’s retrograde overload. Harmonizer Venus was in a bumpy backspin until January 29, and communicator Mercury joined the retrograde brigade from January 14 to February 3. Whether you were foggy and unfocused, fighting technical difficulties or at odds with your teammates, it was hard to get everyone on the same page.


As eager as you are to get back out there among the people, pace yourself, Pisces. Tie up loose ends until February 18, when the Sun enters your sign and reboots your hard drive. Mid-month, the full moon (and Valentine’s Week) will spotlight self-love: namely, giving your body the TLC, clean food and exercise it craves! Treat yourself to a much-needed glow-up, and you can swim into Pisces season with a full Fish tank.

Aquarius season + the Lunar New Year could change your stripes

The first three weeks of the month are deeply internal as the Sun makes its annual sojourn through Aquarius and your healing, introspective twelfth house until February 18. With el Sol in this zone of endings and transitions, it’s the ideal space to wrap up loose ends and clear the slate before Pisces season and your next trip around the Sun!


On February 4, the Sun makes its once-a-year meetup with structured, pragmatic Saturn. As they unite in your soulful twelfth house, this is a moment to get serious about your emotional and mental well-being. Check in, Pisces: How’s your mind-body-spirit balance? Are you tending to your inner life between all those day-to-day obligations?


With expansive Jupiter in Pisces (off and on) until December 28, you could be pondering a whole new path. And the timing is perfect for that! At the February 4 Sun-Saturn meetup, you might be prompted to turn an intuitive gift or an artistic talent into your next serious path. While opening a formal, full-time practice might not be your speed, there are plenty of ways to share your talents. The first few days of February could bring a helpful mentor into your sphere, or you might sign up for training or certification. Take that Reiki attunement course, sign up for a watercolor technique class or open a small Etsy shop for your hand-dipped candles—even if you just develop these healing powers for your own fulfillment. 


The evening of February 1 also kicks off the Lunar New Year. Say “hello kitty” to the Year of the Water Tiger—and get ready to change your stripes a few times between now and January 31, 2023. Tiger time is all about innovation and the element of surprise. Will that feel out of character for you? Oh, probably—but it’s a chance to let your more experimental side come out (and yes, you have one!). 

Mercury retrograde ends February 3

Getting in sync with people gets a whole lot easier after February 3, when Mercury—the planet of communicatioclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” n, technology and travel—wraps a tricky retrograde that began on January 14. With Mercury correcting course in your tech and teamwork sector, you may have dealt with a double-strength retrograde (gah!). Hopefully you backed up your files and put a protection plan on pricey devices. Now, you can purchase that phone upgrade or new iMac, and look forward to smoother relations with anyone on Team Pisces. Thank goodness!

Spread a message class=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” at the February 8 Mars-Uranus trine

On February 8, Mars forms a flowing trine to changemaker Uranus, which is in your communication and media sector. This is the kind of day when one of your ideas could go viral. Pitch meetings, brainstorming sessions, email blasts: Put great minds together and watch the brilliance flow. This is a great moment to negotiate and team up with kindred spirits. Hit a networking event (even a Zoom one) or take a webinar that will get the creative juices flowing. You could be tagged as a trailblazer yourself today!

Valentine’s Day is all about loving your body this year

Bring back that mermaid glow! Valentine’s Week is lighter on the romance and more skewed to self-love and nurturing. There’s nothing wrong with that, Pisces! Love planets Venus and Mars are approaching an exact conjunction in Capricorn and your eleventh house of friendship, making this week a great time to reconnect with your crew. (Yay for unconditional love, too!) If you’re in a relationship, make it a group celebration or keep things casual. 


With an almost-full moon in Leo and your healthy sixth house, your body is crying out for some attention. Take a fun workoclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ut class, do some partner yoga, make a big greenclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” salad and a delicious recipe from a whole-food site like Half-Baked Harvest (https://halfbakedharvest.com) or Cookie and Kate. You’ll hardly even remember that it’s good for you—and, if you’re sharing a meal with someone you adore, you can set a special but simple ambience perfect for connecting and conversation. A different kind of satisfying than Cupid’s usual fare, but no less divine!

The February 16 Leo full moon boosts your wellness

On a grander scale, are your habits keeping you healthy and energized? The February 16 Leo full moon illuminates your sixth house of work and well-being. This spotlight moment helps you take inventory of everything from your eating habits to exercise to how you regulate stress. Bring in some helpful apps to track your routines and rhythms; the Streaks app can help you build good habits, and you could consider investing in an Apple Watch or a Fitbit to make sure you’re getting your steps in and moving your body on the regular tooBook those overdue doctor appointments, and restock your vitamins and supplements. Digestive health is ruled by the sixth house so pay special attention to what you’re eating and how it affects you. Your gut can dictate a lot about your wellness, including your immunity. Consider a probiotic to keep things in check or add some kimchi and kombucha to your diet for gut health benefits.


The sixth house also rules helpful people, employees and systems. Does Team Pisces have any weak links in the chain? Use this moment to analyze where you could be more efficient and productive. Could you hire some support or delegate more? Maybe you need to train a wingperson to take over certain tasks or perhaps to upgrade to a service provider with specialized knowledge. Still staring at those IKEA bookshelves that need to be built or another lingering reno project? Hop on a site like TaskRabbit and pay someone for a couple hours of work. Knocking that project out will be well worth the expense, especially if it helps your life run like a well-oiled machine.

You’re back! Pisces season begins on February 18

On February 18, the Sun starts its monthlong visit to Pisces, waking you up from hibernation a month before spring officially begins. Prepare to get pumped about a personal mission or passion project. With lucky Jupiter in your sign this year until May 10, your odds of success just multiplied. Anything you’re hyped about is worth at least exploring now, even though you’re sure to have 100 times more ideas than you have time to pull them off. That’s okay! An abundance ofclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” inspiration is never a bad thing.


It’s “me time”—and your birthday season—so feel no guilt about putting YOUR agenda first. When the Sun makes its annual “solar return” on your birthday, you get a special chart for the year ahead, which is always worth checking out, especially if you’re still trying to figure outclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” where you’ll spend the big day. Pisces, you’re a giver, but you deserve your moment in the spotlight, too. Spring into the next phase of your journey by changing up your hair color, picking out a birthday outfit (the dreamy, fairytale-inspired pieces at Selkie are so you) or booking the upgraded spa experience instead of the basic. You spend so much time caring for others, but you can’t fill their cups unless you fill yours first. It’s your time to refresh, renew and shine like the shimmery fish you are. 

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you,” said writer Elbert Hubbard. True words to sum up the vibe of February as amorous duo Venus and Mars spend the entire month in Capricorn and your eleventh house of platonic and casual connections. Get a good Galentine’s Day or group gathering on the books and revel in some true-crew love all February long. If you’re single, the love planets in this tech-savvy sector could be favorable for online connections. Did you delete your dating apps (or have you just avoided them entirely)? Give swipes a chance this month because the stars have actually aligned to help make a digital match. (Hey Siri, call Cupid!)


Venus and Mars will make an exact meetup on February 16, and on Valentine’s Day, they’ll be nearly conjunct. Spending time with friends is still the ideal, but you could also do something sweet and simple with your “person” if you’re in a relationship. The moon is in Leo and your down-to-earth, healthy sixth house from February 14 to 16 (and it’s a full moon on the 16th). Keep V-Day simple and casual, then save the romance for Thursday or Friday, when the moon’s in Virgo and your relationship sector.

Teamwork makes the dream work this February, thanks to mojo-boosting Mars barreling through Capricorn until March 6 and heating up your eleventh house of groups and collaborations. And you’ll be glad you have a professional posse to rely on, Pisces, especially for the first three weeks of the month. With the Sun in Aquarius and your restful twelfth house, you could run out of steam quickly, whether you’re burning the candle at both ends or just need some extra hands to get the job done.


Got a major cleanup and organizing mission to tackle? There’s no better day than the annual Leo full moon on February 16, which beams into your sixth house of organization and helpful people. No need to wait for spring—go full Konmari with your decluttering. Are there certain parts of your job that just take way too long to get done? If they’re not in your wheelhouse and you can arrange for it, delegate to someone who does these tasks with joy and ease. It’s not laziness—it’s efficiency! Same goes for any part of your life where you’re procrastinating because you don’t know how to do something. Hire a TaskRabbit or hourly specialist and get it off your to-do list already!

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Money Days: 23, 5

Luck Days: 22, 3

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