ON1 has shared a sneak peek video showing off an incredible tool that will be making its way into its software in the future. It’s called Super Select AI and it could be a game-changer for quick and easy masking and selective edits.

The technology behind Super Select AI is what ON1 refers to as Semantic Mapping. In its own word, this technology uses Ai to break up the photos into various regions, know what subject matter is within those regions and can create adjustment smart masks for those regions with a single click.

As demonstrated in the above video, users will be able to drag their pointer over a region of an image and have it highlight the various regions Super Select AI has created. With a click – or two if you want to add more to the mask – the software will create a masked adjustment layer that can be tweaked with the usual array of adjustments, filters and effects.

No mention is made on when exactly Super Select AI might make its way into ON1’s suite of programs and plug-ins.