NiSi announces new filter kits for iPhone, including ND, polarizer & more: Digital Photography Review

Filter company NiSi has announced three filter kits designed for smartphone photography and video. The new smartphone filters look like NiSi’s larger filters for full-size camera systems, including a filter holder and small rectangular graduated neutral density filters.

The three kits are designed for iPhone and are compatible with many iPhones, including the latest iPhone 13, 12, and 11 series, plus X/SE/8/7/6 iPhone models. Each kit is built around the NiSi IP-A holder, which clamps onto your phone and covers your phone’s rear camera array. This accessory attaches to your phone and works with circular filters. If you attach the P2 holder, you can also use rectangular filters.

While each kit comes with the IP-A holder, they differ in their included filters. The Landscape Kit comes with the P2 holder, a polarizing filter, a medium graduated ND and a 6-stop infrared blocking ND filter, plus a carrying pouch.

NiSi Landscape Kit

The Filmmaker Kit uses round filters instead of rectangular filters and includes a 1/4 Black Mist filter, a True Color ND-Vario 1-5 stop filter and a pouch. While a variable ND filter can be useful for landscape photography, it’s essential for filmmakers trying to achieve a specific shutter speed in changing light conditions.

The third kit, the Cinema Kit, is similar to the Filmmaker Kit but adds Allure-Streak Blue and Allure-Streak Orange filters. These specialized filters allow users to simulate the look of anamorphic lenses, including their trademark lens flares.

The Cinema Kit includes the same filters as the NiSi Filmmaker Kit, plus a pair of Allure-Streak filters.

The new filter kits for iPhone aren’t NiSi’s first smartphone-oriented products. In 2018, the company released the P1 Kit. The new system promises improved build quality and usability, although sacrifices compatibility with a wider range of smartphone manufacturers.

NiSi’s latest filter kits aren’t currently listed on the company’s US website but are available to preorder on Amazon Germany. Prices range from €70 to €199.

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