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Moondrop, a company known for their sleek, high quality In-Ear Monitors continues to showcase this attention to detail with their Blessing II Hybrid IEMs. At $320, the Blessing II is one of Moondrop’s pricier offerings, and a fairly average price for IEMs. I had no idea what to expect from the B2s, and tried to go into it blind.


What’s in the Box

– Pair of IEMs

– Grey Vinyl Carrying Pouch

– 6n OFC Litz Cable

– 6 Pairs Silicone Ear Tips

–  Airline Adapter

Look and Feel

From the moment I opened the box, I could see that Moondrop put a lot of thought into its presentation. Everything is neatly packaged in a box sporting the company’s signature Anime art on the cover. The packaging is neatly organized and intuitive. The Monitors themselves feature a stainless steel back cover and 3-D printed transparent housing. The overall unboxing/setup experience is minimal, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing.


The Blessing II features a Hybrid Triple Crossover Design, utilizing Dual Knowles SWFK treble drivers, dual mid-BA drivers for the mid range, and a 10mm paper diaphragm dynamic driver to handle to low frequencies. This triple crossover design ensures that each frequency range is given its own separate treatment, in order to deliver a clearer sound. Moondrop elected to take the less is more approach, utilizing a 1DD+4BA architecture in order to focus on the quality of the single drivers. This gives the frequency response of each crossover band more focus and power than other monitors with a larger number of drivers. The triple crossover design is visible through the transparent housing.

These have a frequency response of 9-37KHz and an impedance of 22 Ohms


The B2s provide a spacious soundstage that achieves serious depth when appropriate, but never in a way that feels overly jarring. I can allow myself to feel immersed in the mix without feeling a sense of vertigo and ear fatigue. The immersion is enhanced by the superb noise cancellation provided by the eartips. Overall, the soundstage feels subtly natural and spacious, without becoming a distraction for the listener.


The lows on the Blessing II feel present and somewhat accentuated, but never overwhelming. Even on bass heavy music, they still retained clarity that many small IEMs lose while trying to compensate for low end. The lows still hit when they need to, but can also be gentle when needed. Balancing low end can be delicate and is not treated with care in some cases, however Moondrop delivered in this area.


The Blessing II’s mids have a slight degree of reduction. While not immediately noticeable, it’s just enough to give a slightly darker timbre to the overall sound. Subtly scooping the mids helps to tame the overall boominess of the sound and allow other elements to come forward in the mix, such as lead instruments, reverbs, and vocals. While not necessarily an accurate representation of the original mix, for In-Ears of this size, this is a necessary change and makes a minute difference.


The highs are where the Blessing II shines the most. Reverbs, attacks, and treble instruments are crisp and clear, and sibilance feels smooth and rarely harsh. Regardless of the presence of Lows and Mids in the mix, the highs hold a consistency that’s impressive for such small monitors. I heard new elements in songs I had listened to hundreds of times previously while testing the highs on the B2s.


The Moondrop Blessing II surprised me with its gentle approach to frequency response. Across several styles of music and audio recording, the Blessing II managed to preserve the original mix faithfully, and rarely wavered in quality. For listening to music of any genre, I couldn’t recommend these monitors more. While it might not be the most accurate representation of the true frequency response, the changes are subtle but necessary to deliver a cohesive sound. For its price, the Blessing II manages to deliver consistent clarity throughout and I’m excited to see what Moondrop does in the future.


You can purchase the Moondrop Blessing II here

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