Microsoft Window PC Headsets Test and Reviews

A majority of the enterprises in these days have their employees either with a work station or a portable computer running Microsoft Windows 11 (10 or 7), Microsoft had been in the market for a while and its platform is a well known starting point that most of major industries uses for theirs Points of Sales, Archives, Payroll, Productivity, among others.

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For same reason, now days the soft phone industry had been bringing its game on, some well know as Microsoft Skype for Business that replaced Microsoft Lync a few years ago, Ring Central and 8 by 8 are another well known soft phone providers that had been used by big names around the country for their UC solutions.


And as you are fully aware, the olde Microsoft Skype for Business got replaced for the actual Microsoft Teams, making it a well known platform for everyone with a computer as it helps users to keep track not only on their tasks but its one of the best known platforms for calls, virtual meetings and webinars for example. 


Today we will review and recommend some headsets compatible with Microsoft Windows 11 and previous versions that would make your interaction with your computer an unique and extraordinary experience. There are a few options for everyone from corded to wireless , all the way to covering one ear or both ears with Active Noise Canceling.

Corded Offers:

We will start with some examples from Jabra, which is well know for their Noise Canceling microphones and elegant style:

The Jabra Evolve 30 II Stereo USB Headset w/3.5mm is the entry level from Jabra and any corded headset that uses a USB-A plug. Covering both ears with a noise canceling microphone, making it an affordable and easy to use headset without being a super tech person. The Evolve 30 II comes with an USB-A adapter to be used in any computer or you can use the 3.5mm jack that comes with it if you feel like using it with your smart phone or tablet. Order yours here.

The Jabra Evolve 40 UC Stereo USB, 3.5mm Headset is the next step up in corded USB-A headsets from Jabra, built in with Advance Noise Canceling technology, leatherette ear cushions and busy light that allows you to let people know when you are on a call. The Evolve 40 UC offers the practicality of the USB-A adapter and 3.5mm adapter as well, so can be used with virtually any device either by USB-A or 3.5mm jack. Learn more about its features by clicking here.

jabra evolve2 30 usb-a ms teams stereo corded computer headset view

Jabra offers its Evolve2 30 USB-A MS Teams Stereo Corded Computer Headset as the upstage model of a corded headset from Jabra quality on a respectable price point. The second generation offers a very discrete design and the call controls are now located into the headset instead of the USB cable, making it easier to locate with an intuitive interface. The Evolve2 30 offers built in busy light on both sides of the earcups, allowing users to be known when engaged on a call. Thanks its advanced microphones and chipset, the headset will analyze digitally the user’s voice and make it the best outgoing sound quality for the other end of the call. Get yours HERE.  


jabra engage 50 ii stereo usb-a headset w/control unit, ms teams view
For a better built in quality headset, Jabra offers the new Engage 50 II Stereo USB-A Headset w/control unit, MS Teams as a really light and comfortable headset with the well known reputation of the World-Class microphones that working together with the built in chipset offers the best background noise cancelation and thanks to this it allows the speech to text functions being completed without delays or miscommunications created by poor sound quality coming to the microphone. Thanks to its advanced features as the smart ringer, allows the user to take the headset off and if a call comes in the user will be able to hear the ringer on the headset even from the distance as the headset senses that the user is not wearing it at the time. Call controls can be found as well allowing to answer/end calls, mute microphone, put calls on hold (depending on the application) and if desired can be customized to become a PTT headset. Get yours HERE.



Following next we have some examples from Poly (Plantronics) on corded styles, being one of the first ones that offer Active Noise Canceling:

plantronics c3225 blackwire stereo usb-a headset 3.5mm ms teams view

For users wanting an affordable USB-A corded headset for their PC computer, Poly offers the C3225 Blackwire Stereo USB-A Headset 3.5mm MS Teams as its way to go. The headset has an easy to use interface and call controls allowing to answer/end calls, mute mic and place calls on hold depending on the platform being used. The leatherette ear cushions are a nice touch allowing the headset to keep its coolness during use. Noise canceling microphone from Plantronics with its well known reputation, the headset can be used with any device with a 3.5mm jack such as tablets, laptops or cell phones for streaming. Get yours HERE.  


The Plantronics Blackwire 5210 USB, 3.5mm Headset Microsoft Skype is Poly’s middle ground level headset with USB-A connectivity, plus the old well know 3.5mm adapter that can be used with your smart phone, tablet or laptop for streaming, this headset can be used as well with cordless phones with a 3.5mm jack, making it an awesome offer for users with those phones in need of a headset. Order yours here.

poly blackwire 8225 usb-a stereo wired headset view

My favorite headset on corded USB style headsets will be this one, the Poly Blackwire 8225 USB Stereo Wired Headset. This headset is the first one that has Active Noise Canceling, Acoustic Fence technology in the boom arm and busy light built into the ear cup. Available now in USB-A or USB-C , with audio controls on the cord of headset, making it one of the best corded headsets in the market for computer use.

Following now we will check on wireless options, for people that needs to move around without compromise of standing in one place.

Wireless Offers (DECT):

jabra engage 55 ms convertible dect usb-a wireless headset teams view

Jabra took the best of its Engage headset for desk phones and created something awesome for the computer in the shape of the Engage 55 Convertible DECT USB-A Wireless Headset Teams! This is one of the latest additions from Jabra in its lineup with a really comfortable, and light weight for all day use. The advanced noise canceling microphones from Jabra on the Engage family are well known and have probed themselves as the best for loud environments. Thanks to its new chipset and the new Link 400 adapter, the headset gets up to 500 feet in line of sight of range and thanks to this, the headset offers DECT Security Step C with a higher encryption of 256-bit that compared with standard wireless headsets this could be considered as a mini Fort Knox as Jabra says. Get yours HERE.   


poly savi 8245-m ms usb wireless headset w/unlimited talk, teams view

The Plantronics Savi 8245-M Microsoft USB-A Wireless Headset w/Unlimited Talk, Teams is one option from Poly, it offers the convenience of being able to be worn in different styles, either over the head, over the ear or behind the neck thanks to the included accessories this headset offers a range of up to 300 ft. thanks to its DECT 6.0 wireless frequency, making it a really nice option for a wireless headset that can be used with any PC/Laptop thru the USB-A port. Thanks to its Unlimited talk feature, the headset comes with an additional battery that can be charged on the cradle and this allows to replace the battery even in the middle of a call without dropping a live call! Get yours HERE.


Wireless Offers (Bluetooth):

jabra evolve2 55 uc mono usb-a bluetooth wireless headset view

The first one to mention is the Jabra Evolve2 55 UC Mono USB-A Bluetooth Wireless Headset, this would be the new entry level for a well built Bluetooth headset from Jabra. Thanks to its redesigned headband, allows the headset to be worn all day without compromise on performance for calls or comfort for user. Thanks to its fast pairing allows to be paired not only with the Jabra Link 380 included, but with a Bluetooth enable device as a cell phone or tablet in a blink of an eye! Built in Busy lights can be found on it, allowing user to be known when on a live call and thanks to the Jabra Direct app, allows customization of features on the headset. This application can be found for the computer or your smart phone! Order your Evolve2 55 UC Mono HERE. 

jabra evolve2 75 ms stereo bluetooth headset usb-a w/stand teams view

The next one on the list is one of my preferred headsets to be used with your PC/Laptop, the Jabra Evolve2 75 MS Stereo Bluetooth Headset USB-A w/Stand Teams has Advanced Active Noise Canceling (ANC) which blocks the outside noise and allows the user to focus on the sound coming from the ear cups. Covering both ear with an over the head design , helping the headset to stay in place even if you are moving a lot. Volume control, and built in light into the sides of the ear cups makes it a really nice and discrete design for the road warrior, thanks to its redesign on the headset the microphone hides away and it offers 2 modes, Performance mode with the boom arm out which meets Microsoft’s Open Office requirements and Discreet mode, when hidden away the headset works as a boom less microphone headset! Order yours here.


poly voyager 4320 uc bluetooth stereo usb-a headset view

The Poly Voyager 4320 UC Bluetooth Stereo USB-A Headset, is one option for the road warrior that needs to keep communicated. Connected by the USB-A Bluetooth dongle (included), Built in control buttons and Busy light into the headset that gives you control on your phone call and let your co-workers know that you are in a live call, Acoustic Fence technology in the boom arm, and better talk time as its improved technology even allows you to use it as a corded headset with the included USB cord.

poly voyager surround 80 uc bluetooth usb-c + usb-c/a adapter view

My top choice in wireless headsets for Windows, the new Poly Voyager Surround 80 UC Bluetooth USB-C+USB-C/A Adapter, being the second generation of the old 8200 series, the new BT700 adapter now offers a further range than before and better performance on the microphones (omnidirectional) as this is a boom less microphone unit. The new Adaptive Active Noise Canceling (ANC) offers blocking of the unwanted noises of the environment and this feature can be still used even if the headset is used as a corded headset! The Surround 80 offers voice over USB, and thanks to the included USB cable can be sued as a corded headset, but it can be used as a corded 3.5mm jack headset! Designed to be used on the road for travelers, making it a nice companion for those road warriors. Get yours HERE.  

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