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We have known Michael for more than a decade and have worked together in the past to great success. This is being crowdfunded with Kickstarter and we ask that you read our Full Disclosure to alleviate any concerns.

We haven’t received our free filters yet, but we should soon and we can’t wait to use them.

About Maven Filters

MAVEN FILTERS was born from the frustrations I (Michael The Maven) was having with photography filter use. The first issue I had was a strong color cast when shooting long exposures for landscapes. I did not like the extra steps of color correction and felt like if I was spending quality money on a filter, I should not have to do this.

Learn more about MAVEN Filters at Kickstarter

Once I felt I had a good process for ensuring world-class color performance in the lenses themselves, I wanted to take a look at the rings and some of the other “extra steps” involved with using filters, making them as convenient to use as possible, including:

  • Making it easier to identify each type of filter, instead of the same all-black look. I thought using colors that related to their suggested use could save a lot of time, instead of “searching & reading small print”.
  • Use tactile indicators to further differentiate each filter, where each groove translates into 1-stop of filtration on ND filters. This way, if a user forgets the colors, the grooves will indicate the filtration.
  • Eliminating the need to thread and unthread each filter (which on average can take 10-15 seconds). Filter changes need to happen very quickly, sometimes without moving the camera, therefore I wanted magnetics. (That said,
  • Threaded MAVEN filters will also become available after the end of our Kickstarter on Nov 4 2022).
  • The Magnetic CPL needed a design feature that would allow it to be easily rotated under a lens hood.
  • I knew I wanted Quality Optical glass, still making them as light & thin as possible, reducing the size and weight in the camera bag. For this reason, I chose Japanese AGC glass.
  • Cleaning filters should be as easy as possible, so I knew I wanted hydrophobic nanoparticle coatings, in addition to the 16 layers of MRC (Multi Resistant
  • I knew I wanted a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. If we messed something up, we should fix it!

Spend 3 years developing these ideas into one product line and this is the result!

The Initial Launch of the MAVEN Magnetic line includes an Adapter Ring, 3 Stop, 6 Stop and 10 Stop Neutral Density Filters, as well as a Splash Guard / UV filter and cap, with more filters coming in 2023. We are also pleased to announce Magnetic Step up Rings in 12 sizes, allowing users to adapt larger filters with smaller lens threads.

We are very excited to finally release these filters to the world, and continue to develop world-class quality filter products!

Press Release

Camera Reviewer & Youtuber Michael The Maven has launched his new line “MAVEN” filters for photographers and videographers on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The new line features two designs, magnetic and threaded. There are also 8 different sizes to choose from, 82mm, 77mm, 72mm, 67mm, 62mm, 58mm, 55mm, and 52mm.

The magnetic line will include additional sizes of 43mm, 46mm, 49mm and 95mm.

What’s unique about them?

“MAVEN filters were designed to address pain points common in most filters, one of them being a system to identify which filter by appearance, without needing to read the fine print.” Said, Michael

Both lines come in 5 models in a world first, the color of the filter ring gives a clue about how the filter can be used.

Features vs Competitors 318x575 - Maven Filters launches the world's first color coded photography and videography filters

  • Circular Polarizers (CPL) are BLUE – Because it can be used to make the sky pop and remove reflections from the water.
  • The 10 Stop ND filter is GOLD – to match the color of the sun, for long daytime exposures.
  • The 6 Stop ND filter is PURPLE – to match the purple sky at dusk or dawn for long exposures in mid-light conditions.
  • The 3 Stop ND Filter is RED – To match the video record icon, as videographers need ND filters to maintain the 180-degree shutter rule when shooting outdoors during the day.
  • The UV or “Splash Guard” is SILVER – A neutral color as there is no filtration of visible light.

The Magnetic Set also includes a magnetic adapter and Cap.

The threaded filters come in color-coded, transparent filter cases.

1st Day Kick Starter Perks include (a limited number of) Early Bird VIP Specials:

Early Bird Specials:Rewards 378x575 - Maven Filters launches the world's first color coded photography and videography filters

  • $49 Any 1 Magnetic Filter with adapter, Sizes 52-82mm
  • $99 Any 2 Magnetic Filters of the same size, with adapter, Sizes 52-82mm
  • $199 5 filter Set with cap, adapter, and bag, Sizes 52-82mm

As early birds are completed the reward tiers will move towards their full retail prices, including up to $499 for a set of 95mm filters.

Add-Ons include Additional Adapters, Caps, Cases, and magnetic Step Up rings in Green.

Learn more about MAVEN Filters at Kickstarter

Full Disclosure:

Maven Filters paid Canon Rumors a flat fee to promote this product and Kickstarter campaign. We are also receiving some free filters which haven’t yet arrived at the time of writing this.

We receive no affiliate revenue from any boosters for this campaign.

We are 100% confident that this Kickstarter campaign will be successful and that the filters will ship on schedule.

A note about the schedule, delays are becoming the new normal in manufacturing and logistics. We have been told that this shouldn’t be an issue, but sometimes things happen. These filters WILL ship, as the finished products are already in the hands of many people.

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