Libra Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF January 16 – 2 2, 2023

Home and family have been a source of stress for many Libras since Mercury turned retrograde three weeks ago, leaving you at a possible crossroads. Maybe you’re ready to put your place on the market or hunt for a more affordable rental. Tension with relatives may have boiled over since December 29, fraying your nerves and even interfering with your sleep. Before you make any rash moves, know that Mercury is turning direct this Wednesday, January 18. Until February 11, the speedy messenger planet is getting grounded in Capricorn, offering a more rational look at your roots. A heart-to-heart could ease the friction with a family member, and you’ll have a chance to set clearer boundaries. Maybe your place just needs a few touch ups, like a fresh coat of paint and some leafy house plants. Shake out the welcome mat, too. You’ll enjoy playing host as long as you stick to a hand-selected guest list instead of having an open-door policy. Set terms that promote peace and don’t make “compromises” that feel more like sacrifices.

Is your love life ready for an upgrade, Libra…or a few tantalizing tweaks? Cupid wings in for an early visit this Friday, January 20, as the Sun heads into Aquarius and your passionate fifth house until February 18. One day later, on Saturday, January 21, a new moon in Aquarius arouses more powerful feelings. If you’re feeling unsatisfied about the state of your union—or less-than-thrilled about your romantic status—you just can’t ignore it. Over the coming four weeks, use this confidence-boosting new moon and solar flare to actually bring about a change. The fifth house is proactive and fun-loving, so that could also include a change of wardrobe, hair and makeup or a totally new social scene. And with live-and-let-live Aquarius as the mayor of this part of your solar chart, you’re in luck! Even while your heart is doing cartwheels, you’ll still maintain 50 percent chill. Don’t worry about steamrolling your partner with big ideas or coming on too strong with your baehunting efforts. Just get out there and experiment.

If you’re coupled, start painting a picture of the next chapter of life you envision building together. Single? This is a moment to take every relationship expert’s advice and date a few different people instead of fixating on one. If there’s a legit issue to address in a partnership, take charge of the cleanup. Whether that means booking an appointment with the couples’ therapist who saved your best friend’s marriage or quietly arranging to move into your own place is your call. Don’t try to keep the peace “at any price” (a Libra pitfall). You’ll just short-circuit the possibility of finding a creative compromise.

With the Year of the Water Rabbit beginning this Sunday, you have permission to be the dreamy, romantic Libra without reserve. More than most signs, you’ll be happy to wave farewell to the vicious Water Tiger and embrace Rabbit’s spirit of cooperation. Over the coming twelve months, make more time for your creative work and any activities that nurture your spiritual side.

Also on Sunday, disruptor Uranus wakes up from a retrograde that began in your eighth house of merging this past August 24. Fairness means everything to a Libra, but how are you interpreting that? Uranus is anything BUT literal, so if you’ve been keeping score and splitting it all down the middle, consider a fresh approach. Maybe there’s a new way to divvy up the “currency” in certain relationships. And if you’re constantly fighting about who will do certain dirty work, maybe it’s time to save up (or barter) for some outside support.

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