Libra Monthly Horoscope

MONTH OF December

Relationships of all stripes are a big theme for December, from friends to committed partners to family. The stars will activate all of these ties at some point this month, but as one of the zodiac’s most people-centric signs, that should be mostly music to your ears!

For starters, the Sun is in Sagittarius and your social third house until December 21, bringing the usual wave of holiday parties and invites. Meeting and mingling? More please! Get out and circulate because once el Sol slips into Capricorn and your homey fourth house after that, you’ll be less outgoing and more interested in gathering with family and your closest people. 

On December 20, lucky Jupiter returns to Aries and your committed-relationship house, heating up romantic and business alliances until May 16, 2023. And Christmas Eve will feature the Sun, moon, social Mercury, magnetic Venus (your ruler) and deep-diving Pluto ALL in Capricorn and your domestic fourth house. Gather with loved ones and keep the guest list cozy and intimate. Women and children figure prominently into the day’s starmap, and you may be in the mood for a multigenerational gathering where all ages can participate in the fun and festivities.

New Year’s Eve has a similarly cocoonish vibe as the moon will be in Taurus and your private eighth house as the calendar turns while love planet Venus cozies up to secretive Pluto. Conditions are ideal for an intimate celebration, perhaps with a sexy plus-one or at an exclusive invite-only party. A holiday proposal might even be in the stars.

There’s one caveat: Mercury, the planet of communication, travel and technology, will be retrograde from December 29 to January 18. The quicksilver planet will reverse through Capricorn, which could stir up tension at home. Maybe that’s a strong case for booking a hotel room and avoiding any relatives or roommates who could push your buttons tonight? 

Sagittarius season until December 21

Get ready for a social whirlwind, Libra. The Sun is making its annual rounds through Sagittarius and your expressive, outgoing third house until December 21. Holiday party season was made for your sign, so let your vivacious side out in full force. Squeeze in those year-end lunches or cocktail hours. Send out a social media campaign for your business offerings. Gather friends at your favorite neighborhood spot for a casual evening of drinks, karaoke or catching up.

‘Tis the season for your Libra humanitarian side to shine—and who says you can’t have fun doing that? Social giving doesn’t have to be a solo affair. Think: holiday trunk show or hosting a shopping party that donates a percentage to a worthwhile cause. You could organize friends to deliver food baskets to community members in need, set up a coat drive or help promote a #ShopSmall effort in your town. Even spending your dollars at a local, independently owned business gives you major karma points now. There are a million ways to make a difference, and when it comes to do-gooding, it’s always “the more the merrier.”

Neptune retrograde ends on December 3

Dust off your Peloton screen and unfurl your yoga mat! On December 3, foggy Neptune ends a five-month retrograde through your sixth house of wellness and organization, reinvigorating your desire to treat your body like a temple. Before you dive off the deep end into the bowls of eggnog and holiday sweets, renew your health goals. Imaginative Neptune will help you dream up some decadent-yet-good-for-you drinks and dishes for the forthcoming feasts.

If you’ve lapsed in your commitment to fitness or your workspace has become a cluttered mess, it’s time to corral your life back into fighting shape. Do it with a pinch of glamour and sensuality—enchanting Neptune wants you to keep it pleasurable, too! Light a beautiful scented candle, bless your space with a ritual, adorn your desk with fresh flowers or a new plant. Then reward yourself for slogging through those piles—when your sign is ruled by decadent Venus, never underestimate the power of those positive reinforcements.

The sixth house rules service, and charitable Neptune nudges you to get some holiday giving or volunteer work on the calendar too. As a Libra, you love to receive, but nothing feels better to your justice-loving heart than giving back. Combine socializing with a few hours at the food pantry or organize a drive with one of your favorite area businesses to make a difference locally. That will, ahem, balance out any (needless) guilt you feel about splurging on yourself!

Speak your truth at the December 7 Gemini full moon

Say what? You’re feeling extra effusive on December 7, when the Gemini full moon illuminates your outspoken ninth house. Holding back your true feelings is impossible now. But is honesty the best policy? Yes…with a caveat. This full moon is coming in side-by-side with confrontational Mars, tempting you to abandon your sign’s trademark tact and diplomacy. Your candid comments could land with a thud or even hurt someone’s feelings. That’s NOT the outcome your peace-loving sign is looking for, so if you serve up the cold hard truth, at least do it gently.

Used with discretion, this full moon could inspire a visionary idea, putting you in touch with your soul’s highest calling. You can see a loftier purpose for yourself clearly now. Revel in that sense of limitless possibility, Libra! The ninth house rules travel, entrepreneurship, publishing and learning. Tickets to a far-flung destination don’t sound half-bad as a holiday gift! Is it time to launch your startup idea or to send that manuscript to an agent? 

If you’re getting an early start on drafting 2023 resolutions, today’s full moon could bring a surge of inspiration. We recommend tapping into it since Mercury will be retrograde on New Year’s Eve, and people’s thoughts will turn more toward the past than to the future.

Jupiter returns to Aries on December 20

Companionship is second nature to your sign, Libra, even if you take your sweet time making a decision about who to hang with exclusively. But you’re the sign that rules relationships, which is why the cosmic events of December 20 are so important for you. Expansive and adventurous Jupiter enters Aries, bringing major perspective about your partnerships. You could find yourself attracted to someone from a very different background or perhaps navigating a long-distance relationship since Jupiter rules travel.

This is Jupiter’s second visit to Aries—it was here from May 10 to October 28 of this year, bringing a major wave of growth and change to your partnerships. While there could be growing pains along with the growth, there’s no stopping your personal evolution. Jupiter’s job is to push you out of your comfort zone. 

Some Libras may have parted ways with a longtime mate while others were ready to take on new roles and adventures together. If you were the main earner, for example, maybe you stepped back and let your partner lead the charge. At some point in 2022, coupled Libras might have moved, gotten engaged or perhaps parted ways (amicably, we hope). For single Libras, Jupiter in Aries is a time to explore and experiment—here’s hoping you did (and continue to do so!).

Chapter two of this saga begins right before the winter solstice and Christmas. Did you meet someone you were excited about, but circumstances didn’t allow you two to seal the deal? Between now and mid-May, you might give it another shot or find that your timelines are more in sync. For happily coupled Libras, this is a beautiful time to start a shared undertaking—anything from an indie business to studying to traveling the world together. Make your world feel bigger together!

December 21: Sun enters Capricorn and December 23 Capricorn new moon

Family time really kicks in on December 21, when the Sun strides into Capricorn and activates your cozy fourth house for a month. Don’t be surprised if sequins and bodycon dresses start migrating to the back of your closet, and cozy athleisure creeps to the front. It’s time for some holiday hibernation! Well, within reason: Being a Libra about town is your birthright, and this festive season doubles as a kind of Astrological Fashion Week for you. Still, you’ll be ready to sink into a plush robe and hide under the covers with a book or a chilled eye mask after you fulfill all your air-kissing social duties!

On December 23, the year’s final new moon arrives in Capricorn, accompanied by social Mercury, magnetic Venus and penetrating Pluto. Intimate house party? Pre-Christmas cocktails and game night? Your inner host could make an appearance, or you could be an enthusiastic “yes!” RSVP to a cozy invite like this. You might get the urge to redecorate and, with Pluto here, do some space clearing and Feng Shui to usher away any negative vibes that have accumulated in your home.

If you’re thinking of moving, buying a home or expanding your family, the Capricorn new moon could inspire this kind of change. But are you on the same page as the other people involved in this decision? This new moon will form a clashing 90-degree square to Jupiter in Aries and your partnership zone. Dueling desires and contrasting agendas are likely, so you may need to hash things out here. 

Thinking of bringing a new love interest home for the holidays or going to meet their family? Tread lightly. Instead of bunking in someone’s childhood bedroom or doing some other “instant intimacy” move, get a hotel or an Airbnb. Keep a few clear boundaries in place instead of going from zero to in-laws. As with all things Libra, you’re best off taking your time!

Mercury turns retrograde in Capricorn on December 29

Another good reason to pace yourself? On December 29, communication planet Mercury will turn retrograde until January 18, foiling technology, travel and interactions (both digital and IRL). 

Mercury will reverse through Capricorn and your fourth house of home, family and feelings. Ah, just in time for the holidays. You’ll need to be especially careful with female relatives and roommates now. Retrogrades often bring back the past, which could mean unresolved hurts and sore spots get poked again. However, this could also be a time of happy reunions with family and childhood friends—just stick to neutral topics or nostalgic memories if you’re spending time with someone whose views diametrically oppose yours.

Feeling unsure about your living situation? Mercury retrograde is a good time to consider your options, though it’s probably best to wait until after January 18 to sign any binding contracts if you can. Think twice before offering your sleeper sofa to visiting relatives or making a quick buck on Airbnb. With Mercury gone rogue, this could be the year of holiday guests from hell. 

Going away? Make sure to unplug electronics and power everything down before you leave town. And consider booking a hotel or a rental instead of staying with family. Just check those TripAdvisor reviews first! An accidental pregnancy is also possible since the fourth house rules motherhood. Consider yourself notified!

Love & Relationships:

Social butterfly alert! Until December 9, love planet Venus (your ruler) is in Sagittarius and your chatty third house, making you the light of every holiday party, gregarious and witty. Flirt shamelessly over holiday cocktails and enjoy meeting new people at seasonal soirees, now that they’re back on again this year. Coupled Libras should also dress up and mingle this week—bring your plus-one to a few of the parties and get festive together!

As much as Venus is enjoying kicking up her heels on the local scene, long-distance love could also be calling. Sultry Mars is in Gemini on an extended trip from August 20 to March 25, heating up your ninth house of travel and far-flung adventures. A sizzling connection with someone who lives far away could reach a fever pitch. (Thank the stars for WhatsApp!) A cross-cultural romance is possible with someone whose background is very different from your own. Couples might exchange plane tickets as a holiday gift or find newfound appreciation for each other by doing a workshop. Time to explore the history-laden caves of Cathar country? Or the snowcaps in Patagonia?

Sure…but hold off until later next month the red planet is in stressful retrograde from October 30 until January 12, which could delay or disrupt the sizzle. Mercury, the planet of travel and communication, also turns retrograde from December 29 to January 18.

Besides, a homebody phase will overtake the rest of the year, as magnetic Venus powers down into Capricorn and your domestic fourth house on December 9 for the rest of the year. Cut back on social engagements, and take it easy now. Solo Libras might take a much-needed self-care break to get in touch with your emotions. Couples might feather your nest together, trade keys or host an intimate dinner for loved ones. A small house party could be nice for New Year’s Eve, but keep anyone with even a whiff of drama off the guest list.

Money + Career:

Chat ’em up, Libra! The Sun is in Sagittarius and your communicative third house until December 19, the perfect time to mingle as only your social butterfly sign can. Work the holiday party circuit and dash off your last-minute proposals, emails and greeting cards—especially since Mercury promptly turns retrograde from December 29 to January 18. Spend time backing up your important data and closing deals before this date, which is notorious for scrambling technology and foiling communication, including important paperwork.

Take a little timeout starting December 21, when the Sun settles into Capricorn and your domestic fourth house, its farthest point in the sky from your career sector. This is an ideal time to restore that all-important balance by ramping up the self-care and connecting with meaningful people, from longtime cherished friends to family members.

Considering buying or selling a home? The December 23 Capricorn full moon could help catalyze a property investment. If you’re a homeowner, consider making some improvements to raise the market value of your space, or maybe you’ll make some extra income turning it into a rental property. You might get a helpful holiday gift from a family member or lend your own support to a younger person in your clan.

Love Days: 26, 1
Money Days:10, 19
Luck Days: 7, 17
Off Days: 15, 4

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