Kennerton Heartland Review

As a reviewer, I hate to show bias. But I have yet to be disappointed by a Kennerton headphone. Whether I’m listening to one of their horn driver cans, or a planar magnetic model, the brand consistently impresses me with the level of skill and charisma its sound signatures offer. So, I was particularly excited to hear one of their pricier, best selling models to see just how good they can get. Unsurprisingly, the Heartland did not disappoint. Here’s what you can expect in terms of design, performance and sound signature.

What’s in the Box

Kennerton Heartland Headphones

2 Meter Detachable Cable

Soft Carrying Bag

Leatherette Semi-Soft Carrying Case


Look and Feel

The Heartland sports a warm vintage vibe. The suspended leather headband fastened with silver buckles, along with the nylon mesh cups and wooden circumference give the headphone a retro look. Although there’s a bit of weight to these cans, the suspended headband relieves any heaviness. And the soft and memory foam leather ear pads feel easy on the ears. The clamping force is relaxed, yet avoids being too loose on the ears. So, you can expect a very comfortable listen even throughout long listening sessions.

Kennerton Heartland Review: Suspension Headband with Buckles


The Heartland employs 80 mm planar magnetic drivers with a carbon fiber design and polyimide membrane. Kennerton says it has focused on maximizing midrange detail while delivering a sense of “completeness” throughout the low to high frequencies. We’ll see if they have succeeded below. 

At 43 Ohms, these cans are surprisingly easy to drive, and I found my Dragonfly Cobalt DAC/Amp dongle gave me more than sufficient headroom. The 2 meter 4-pin detachable cable is made from OFC wires and has a 1/4 inch termination. 

Kennerton Heartland Review: Planar Magnetic Powerhouse

Sound Impressions


Although the stereo field may not be vastly wide, it certainly feels realistic. The Heartland avoids any artificial sense of scale, instead focusing on its highly accurate imaging. Placement along the horizontal and vertical axis is distinctly nuanced. There was also plenty of depth, and instruments had no trouble reaching behind the head, allowing me to feel thoroughly immersed in a 3D soundscape. I have no complaints here.


The bass feels natural, yet weighty. The lowest bass frequencies are rich, but they tone down a little as we move up the frequency spectrum. So, pop tracks will provide adequate oomph, while the upper bass stays in its lane, never overwhelming the mix. Listening to cellos in this range, there’s more smoothness than texture. But the opulent tonal quality lends majesty and fluidity to the performance. Although the sub-bass frequencies have a visceral quality, you won’t hear much resonance. It’s more of a tight and controlled pounding than a wet reverberation.  


Simply put, the midrange is scrumptious. The balance between the low-mid and high-mids is fairly even. So, you’ll hear a full-bodied sound. But at the same time, the Heartland delivers ample attack in the upper mids, giving a dynamic feel to the overall profile. Pop and funk tracks really bounce on these cans. And when balanced with the highly realistic and unforced character of the sound signature, every track you throw at it feels satiating, yet cohesive, soft and natural. Acoustic guitars especially shine, and subtleties in fret sounds really pop out of the mix. In fact, every acoustic instrument I played sounded intimate and uncontrived. The Heartland’s warmth can sometimes affect the sense of separation in the low-mids. But once we creep into the higher frequencies, the definition is impeccably clean.


The highs feel smooth, which becomes especially apparent when listening to female vocals. There’s just an effortless movement to the sound. Although you won’t hear a huge amount of texture in string instruments, there’s a grace or flow to the note progressions. There’s plenty of crispness in percussion here. But it’s more dry than it is sparkly. Although the lower treble feels prominent, the peak frequencies are a more relaxed and forgiving. So, it’s an easy listen in this frequency range.


Man, it’s difficult to come up with any real negatives. I loved every aspect the Heartland, from the classy design, to the energetic, yet comprehensive and cohesive mids. The imaging is colorful and the highs are smooth. Indeed, these cans can handle any genre you throw at them. They’re thoroughly pleasurable, and I started to appreciate the Heartland more and more the longer I listened. When I’m spending this kind of money, I not only expect top-notch skill, but also a charismatic and highly musical personality. And the Heartland certainly checks all these boxes.

You can buy the Kennerton Heartland Headphones at Audio 46.



Planar Magnetic

Driver Unit

80 mm

Frequency Response

10 – 55000 Hz


99 dB / 1 V


43 Ohm ± 5%

Cord length

2 meters length detachable cable made from OFC wires is terminated with gold plated 6.3 mm TRS connector


380 g ( w/o cable)


Purple Heart for this review. (Other wood versions available)


Kennerton Heartland Review: Natural, cohesive, charismatic

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