Jomo Audio – S100 Cappuccino Review

Jomo Audio – S100 Cappuccino Review

The s100 Cappuccino is Jomo Audio’s first single dynamic Driver In-Ear Monitor. Singapore-based audio manufacturer Jomo is known for their custom form factor IEMs, and the Cappuccino is a culmination of research years in the making. The Cappuccino is specifically designed by audiophiles for audiophiles, and at $300, they come in at a relatively standard price for IEMs. I’ve never tried a Jomo IEM before this, so I’m excited to see what they have to offer.

What’s in the Box

  • Universal in-ear monitors
  • Premium carry case
  • Soft mesh protection pouch
  • Silver Plate OFC Copper Stock Cable (3.5mm, 1.3M, L plug)
  • Carbon fiber print product ID card
  • Gold plated 1/4″ adaptor

Look and Feel

The packaging on the Cappuccino is geometric and modern looking. Right as I open it, I’m greeted with a sort of “new car smell” that gives an impression of both quality and luxury. The IEMs themselves look great, with a coffee color scheme and beautiful marble-patterned backplate. The custom form factor feels extremely comfortable and pleasantly not noticeable. The included accessories ensure that you can use this with your setup right out of the box. As far as look and feel, I have zero complaints.


The Jomo Audio Cappuccino features a 10mm dynamic driver and is the first single-driver IEM manufactured by Jomo.  The driver diaphragm is made from a liquid crystal polymer, ensuring fast response and high fidelity sound. The shell is a 3D printed solid body shell with a specially designed acoustic chamber that allows for airflow and minimizes unwanted resonance. The Cappuccino also has an impressively low impedance, meaning it can be driven to high volumes with ease.

The Jomo Audio S100 Cappuccino has a frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and an impedance of 15 Ohms.


The S100 Cappuccino’s soundstage reaches a nice middle ground in its sound. I can feel sounds surrounding me and can visualize a 3D space in its presentation. That being said, the soundstage isn’t overpoweringly wide or spacious, but still achieves very nice close imaging. It can still portray space, but don’t expect cavernous reverbs. The dynamics are fantastic, especially with the low-impedance on the Cappuccino, giving it both high dynamic range and minimal distortion. The noise isolation is above average as well.


The lows on the Cappuccino are subtle, but still present. There is a slight tangibility and percussiveness to bass transients that add depth and texture, while not becoming overpowering. Would I call the lows a dominant feature of the sound? No, but I would say that they work symbiotically with the rest of the sound in a nice way. If you’re a bass head, this might not be the best for you, but tasteful low end is still greatly appreciated.


The mids on the S100 Cappuccino are tuned to an extent, but not so much that it deviates egregiously from the original mix. I can hear some dips in the high mids and some boosts in the low mids, but these are slight alterations that serve the sound well. I heard very few muddy resonances or distortions from the mids, which I find highly impressive. Overall, the bulk of the sound is preserved elegantly.


The highs on the Cappuccino are another example of the symbiotic nature of the IEMs’ sound. I can hear crispness and detail within the highs, but they aren’t overwhelming. This aspect ties the entire sound character of the S100 Cappuccino together well. The highs add a tasteful edge that serves the blend incredibly well. I can hear detail yet not feel like I’m being forced to listen to it.


I’m extremely impressed by the Jomo Audio S100 Cappuccino. Every aspect is pleasant and non-offensive. This is a n incredibly good all-arounder that doesn’t lean too far in any direction, making it hit a goldie locks zone in its sound. If you want to buy a new pair of IEMs that will make anything sound good without destroying your bank account, I would say that the Cappuccino is a great contender. I’m excited to see what Jomo does next.



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Great overall sound
  • Dynamics
  • Neutral sound signature may not be for everybody

You can buy the Jomo Audio S100 Cappuccino here

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