In Defense Of TikTok’s Soft Black Girl Summer Aesthetic

With  Cottagecore fashion trending worldwide, the vibe has shifted undoubtedly to pastels, pinks, countryside, corsets, florals and frills, and the likes of @allureriah, @hillhousevintage and @biancalonesse have modelled this new era to perfection. Emitting something out of a renaissance painting or a scene from Downton Abbey, Soft Black Girl influencers are taking up space in a landscape where whiteness has only been permitted to occupy our imagination. And, whilst this trend is undoubtedly a pallet cleanser for our timelines, these images, staged and purposeful, are not only pleasing for the eye. Over their TikTok videos, soundbites tell us, “Welcome to Black woman Bare Minimum, a safe space where you can do the least, and bet the most.”

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