How Creators Are Selling Virtual Clothing On Roblox

“If I could actually figure out Layered Clothing, I would be one of the only ones to know how to do it, and I could create whatever I wanted, play with any styles, and give other users the options to express themselves — that’s what motivated me to keep going,” says CoffeeNerd, who used real-life clothing and Pinterest images as reference materials, and has since designed silk ball gowns, crop tops, and swimsuits (currently, Layered Clothing pieces aren’t available to sell). “I think Layered Clothing will be a very big part of Roblox — I can’t see any player who wouldn’t want the ability to customize their look. I’m excited for when we can start working with brands, like H&M, and bring their real-life styles into the virtual world. It’s exciting.” 

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