Hands-On With The Fujifilm X-T50: An X-T5 Lite, or Something More?

Fujifilm is consistently updating its line of mirrorless cameras to make use of the latest film simulation modes and sensor technology. It is no surprise, then, that it has released a 40-megapixel version of its insanely popular X-T double-digit line to bring high resolution to an affordable platform: the X-T50.

But is this an X-T50 or is it an X-T5 lite? This may not have the same body design as the X-T5 but it does have some powerful additions such as the aforementioned 40-megapixel sensor and excellent autofocus performance the X-T5 is known for. Fujifilm has also added a 7-stop rated IBIS unit to the X-T50 which enhances its usefulness in a big way.

The X-T50 is a handsome camera with a familiar but improved design.

A Gorgeous New Body Design

I have to say that I instantly fell in love with the new body design. The X-T50 features a rounded top plate with angled contours that make it distinct from the rest of the Fujifilm family. The new grip is bigger and far more comfortable than the simple vertical ledge that the predecessors have. Both the front and rear control dials are easier to manipulate and the push button functionality worked well. I like the amount of customizable buttons and there is still an AF joystick on the back.

Close-up of a modern digital camera focusing on its controls, including the AF ON, AE-L, and menu buttons, with a textured grip, against a dark background.
The new grip is much larger and the controls are laid out thoughtfully.
Close-up of a camera focusing on the mode dial and shutter speed controls, highlighting detailed engravings against a dark background.
The same great control structure and analog-inspired dials are present but the X-T50 offers many ways to customize and control your settings.

The top plate has the usual analog-styled shutter dial but the other side of the camera has a curious dial dedicated to film simulation modes. The more popular modes such as Provia, Velvia, Astia, Nostalgic Neg, and Acros are hard-coded into the dial and three custom settings can be set up for your favorite options. Fujifilm even has a clever on-screen graphic interface to show you the film canister and description of the chosen simulation mode.

A close-up image showing a person's thumb adjusting the mode dial on a professional camera from 'Drive' to 'Film'.
The new dedicated film simulation will appeal to beginners but may turn off advanced photographers.
Three people stand at a crosswalk, engaging in conversation, against a backdrop of a vibrant, colorful mural painted on a building. The scene captures urban life and street art.
I could absolutely see the X-T50 win over the enthusiast crowd or find its place as a second body to an X-T5 owner.

The usual single UHS-II SD card slot and familiar Fujifilm NPW-126S battery are still present along with a 3.5mm mic jack and a headphone adapter via the USB port. The body itself is incredibly lightweight at only 15.4 ounces (438 grams) and as usual, is not weather sealed. A handy pop-up flash is still present, too.

Image showing a concrete balcony with graffiti over a river; in focus on the left is a blurred cylindrical green object. A cityscape with buildings appears in the background.
There is a clever looking on-screen UI for the new film simulation dial.

Not Quite an X-T5

Although the image quality will be identical to an X-T5, the shooting speed will not. The X-T50 can achieve a respectable 8 frames-per-second shooting rate with the mechanical shutter and up to 20 with the electronic shutter if you are okay with a bit of a crop. We aren’t going to test the buffer rate until we have a full-production copy but it should be roughly in line with what we expect on bodies like the X-T30 II. Photographers looking for more casual action and sports shooting should find the X-T50 acceptable but serious shooters will want to look elsewhere.

A person wearing a hooded jacket and a cap sits slumped over on a bench inside a building, engrossed in using a smartphone with earphones plugged in, beside a metal trash bin.
Low-light performance is impressive and the higher 40-megapixel quality will appeal to photographers more than videographers.

The displays also lack a little power with a decent 1.84 million-dot LCD back panel and a disappointing 2.36 million-dot EVF. By this point, we should be seeing entry-level cameras with 3.69 million-dot EVF displays at least, although this is as much a criticism of all the manufacturers as it is of Fujifilm. Unlike the X-T5, the X-T50 display only tilts vertically for waist-level or above-a-crowd shooting.

A white shoe with blue butterfly designs left on a city sidewalk, with a blurred man walking in the background past colorful buildings and parked cars.
I love the compact form-factor of the X-T50 for street photography.
Black and white image of litter that includes a cigarette pack and other trash collected alongside a storm drain marked "C. GEN. WATER ONLY.
The X-T50 is definitely no trash and all treasure.

Who Will the X-T50 Work For?

The Fujifilm X-T50 is clearly aimed at the photographic community as the 40-megapixel sensor delivers excellent image quality but somewhat hampers video performance. It’s possible to shoot 4K 30p video the full width of the sensor but the pixel binning reduces image quality. Otherwise, you can shoot 4K 60p or even 6.2K 30p but with a heavy crop. It’s important to note that the read-out speed of the 40-megapixel sensor isn’t ideal either and rolling shutter will rear its head.

A vibrant mural depicting a woman with flowing red hair and intense gaze, alongside a fox in matching fiery hues, intricately painted on a textured, brick-like surface.
Colors are always vibrant and true with Fujifilm cameras.

It’s also clear that the X-T50, while still aimed at beginner photographers, has much better overall photo capabilities thanks to the IBIS unit and enhanced autofocus performance. It would make for an excellent backup body for an X-T5 user and has a bit more room to grow as a beginner learns the craft. It would also be an ideal travel camera for the advanced photographer looking to keep things light and compact.

When it hits the market, I feel the X-T50 will be very popular indeed and I look forward to spending more time with a full production unit in the coming weeks.

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