Gemini Weekly Horoscope


Earth to Gemini: You’re welcome to fly free, but try to stay inside the stratosphere! Thanks to the experimental Aquarius Sun soaring through your liberated and unlimited ninth house, you may be piloting your own rocket ship. But just as you’re reaching cruising altitude on Friday, February 3, unpredictable Uranus collides with el Sol, which could send you on a galactic “recalculating” detour. Uranus is on a long trek through your twelfth house of illusions and subterfuge, and this tricky square could impede your progress. Chances are, whatever befalls you probably isn’t something you could have anticipated. So do your best to stay calm, cool and anchored in your vision, and trust that you’ll find a viable way around this. And if you do struggle with this, look for the silver lining or major life lesson that’s surely lying just below the surface.

Who’s the boss? That may become more than a rhetorical question (or ’80s-era TV reference) on Saturday, when the stars pull you in two very different directions. Mars in Gemini is fueling your get-up-and-go spirit, but it’s in a tricky square with amiable Venus in your friendship zone. As a people-loving air sign, you know that ALL kinds of relationships require attention and frequent recalibration. And your flexible sign is well equipped to shape-shift and compromise to keep the peace with your inner circle. But this weekend, you might get snagged on the horns of a major dilemma: prioritize your personal goals (Mars’ preference) or concede to a more demanding or needy person (Venus). Before you flip that coin, have a look at what yielding to others ultimately costs you. Remember, Gem: The strength of your love or loyalty isn’t measured by how much you sacrifice. So don’t feel guilty should you decide to prioritize your personal needs. Remember: When you’re happy and fulfilled, you have more to offer other people, making your choice a win-win for everyone.

You’ll be riding the collaborative-energy wave all weekend thanks to Sunday’s groundbreaking full moon in Leo in your third house of communication and cooperation. Are you kicking off a new project with a partner-in-crime? Or involved in an affiliation that’s been growing closer since the summer? A co-production could become an official joint venture now or over the next two weeks (peak manifesting time of this lunation). Already know who you want as your “project twin”? Don’t stand on ceremony; make that bold proposal. If you’re still seeking your perfect buddy, look for someone whose talents and skills dovetail with yours rather than replicate them. This full moon is illuminating ALL platonic partnerships, so if you wake up with the realization that a certain one has reached its expiration date, don’t feel guilty taking a step back. Acknowledge the good that’s come out it, but don’t waste any more time trying to pump water from a dry well.

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