Engenius Durafon Freestly2, PSL, and Pro Systems Review – What’s the difference?

There are a lot of different EnGenius phone models out there. One reason that is, they are truly unique. If you’ve ever used an EnGenius phone I’m sure you’ll never want to switch back. Below I will highlight a few key differences between the DuraFon PSL, Pro, and Freestyl2. The main differences are the range, durability, and number of handsets. Please note, all of these systems require an analog phone line.

EnGenius FreeStyl2 Long Range Cordless Phone (single-line)

This is the new entry level on a cordless long rang reliable system for a single analog phone line. The EnGenius Freestyle2 replaces the old Freestyl1 and continues like the main pipe for people with casually walking around a large home, ranch, or farm. You will not get the massive range and durability as you would with the Pro models but still a great phone. The FreeStyl2 is a single line long range cordless phone system that gives you approximately 25,000 sq ft / 10 acres / 6 floors of penetration / 4 hrs talk time. TThe system comes with one discrete and modern handset and is expandable up to 9 handsets. You also have 2 way radio between handsets (works independently from base) The Freestyl2 base offers a discrete design that can be lay down or be located on a wall. Perfect system for the casual user. All products are brand new and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.  Click here to buy. All products are brand new and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

engenius freestyl2 handset kit view

Additional handsets can be ordered HERE. 

EnGenius DuraFon PSL Pro Single Line Long Range Cordless Phone (single-line)

EnGenius DuraFon PSL Pro Single Line Long Range Cordless Phone

The natural replacement of the veteran DuraFon 1X, the new DuraFon Pro PSL now offers the connectivity of up 90 handsets supported per base, which is a significant increase from 9, for people looking for a long range single line phone. This is the next step up from the FreeStyl. These phones really live up to their names. They are meant to be used for the more rugged worker. These have a huge 12 floors of penetration / 250,000 sq ft in a warehouse / 3,000 acres on a farm or ranch / 6 hours talk time. Although it is a single line phone, you can expand it to a total of 8 now compared from the previous of just 4 / lines, up to 8 base units now. The DuraFon models have been tested to withstand 4-6ft drops on concrete 50+ times. Click here to buy your DuraFon Pro PSL. All products are brand new and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

EnGenius DuraFon Pro Industrial Cordless Phone System (multi-line)

Engenius Durafon Pro

This phone system is the industry standard from oil rigs, manufacturing plants, hotels, and large properties. These phones include all the same features and range as the Durafon 1x but with the added bonus of adding 4 lines per base station. If you need more than one phone line, this is the system for you. You can expand this system 4-32 ports/lines, 1-90 handsets/DuraWalkie, total of 8 base units. Click here to buy. All products are brand new and come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.

EnGenius DuraFon Pro PIA Phone System Kit (DURAFON-PRO-PIA) (multi-line)

engenius durafon pro pia phone system kit (durafon-pro-pia) view

Designed for users in need of a complete solution without the hassle of getting pieces separately. EnGenius offers its PRO PIA Kit as their answer. The Kit comes with the PRO base, plus of 4 handsets with all the features of the DuraFon HC as the walkie talkie feature and they can be still programmable as end user’s desires, meaning that all phones can ring when any line rings or can be assigned just to one handset. The handsets offer the capability to put calls on hold and transfer to another handset, making it the best offer and the classic example of the walkie talkie feature. Additional to the handsets, the Kit comes with extra batteries (4) on top of the ones that comes with each handset and DuraPouches (4) for all the handsets. For bigger deployments this is your way to go, so all the handsets comes with their own charger, battery, belt clip, pouch and extra battery to have fully charged and never run out of power while at work. Get yours HERE.

engenius durafon pro handset durafon-pro-hc view

If in need of additional handsets, you can always get the DuraFon HC handset HERE. 

engenius durawalkie pro handset (2-way radio only) view

Thanks to its dedicated and advanced technology, DuraFon PSL and PRO Systems can add the DuraWalkie! This special handset is designed to receive calls ONLY and communicate with other handsets, including PRO-HCs using the Walkie Talkie feature. Designed to get the best communication, control the outgoing calls and avoid distractions while on duty. Get yours HERE. 

Side Note: New DuraFon handsets (Green faceplate) are not compatible with old DuraFon bases (1X, 4X) and vice versa. It is always advise to recognize the handset system by the color of its faceplate. 

The most common issue when the handset is not compatible with the base is that the pairing process doesn’t allow a full pairing completion. If that is the case, you need to replace the system unfortunately for a newer one, newer handsets.  

The list of features these phones have will not fit on this small page. Imagine these phones as a standard cordless phone that you would use at home, but EXTREMELY long range and more durable. You can click any of the above links to read about each system in more depth and detail. You will find the datasheets on each of the pages as well. If you have any questions about purchasing any of these items, refer to the contact info below.

Phone: 877-999-3838 or 650-306-9768



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