Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF September 12 – 1 8, 2022

Back to the drawing board? Your ambitious plans are a forever work-in-progress, Capricorn, but sometimes it’s smart to hit pause for a periodic review. And now would be the perfect time for that. Mercury’s in its first full week of retrograde, streaking back through Libra and your tenth house of success. Irritating as these slowdowns can be, they’re also moments when you have your greatest realizations about where you might cut production costs, increase profits, grow your visibility and so on. Put on your discernment filters and open up the books. Don’t let people pressure you to move along their accelerated timelines. Keep your eye on the big picture and a few weeks from now (after October 2) when Mercury is direct, you can hit the gas again with a savvy roadmap as your guide. Not able to tweak those deadlines? Call for backup, Capricorn, so you can meet your metrics and knock it out of the park. Though it might cut into your funds, consider it an investment in your future.

Pause for a reality check on Friday as optimistic Venus locks horns with motivated Mars, who’s been going full “personal organizer” in your sixth house of systems and organization. You’re loving all the piles of stuff Mars has created to give away or throw away, sure. But this tense energy with Venus can cause an inner tug of war. With Venus in your adventurous ninth house, you have other things on your mind besides a weekend fall cleaning mission. (Like maybe a walk along the shore or a photo safari of the first changing leaves.) With frustration mounting, you might be tempted to unleash a rant to exactly the wrong person. Slow down and remind yourself that Rome wasn’t built in a 24-hour news cycle. Give yourself permission to NOT make any hard and fast decisions since your opinions may change hourly. On another note, since these two are the cosmic lovebirds, really watch your tongue and your temper around your crush or S.O. You are many things to each other, but “coach” or “therapist” should not be on that list!

On Sunday, clear a little space in your schedule for unstructured playtime. The Sun in your happy-go-lucky ninth house forms a flowing trine (120-degree angle) to transformational Pluto in Capricorn. Drifting “aimlessly” could lead you straight to some kismet encounters. Of course, you’ll want to make sure you’re surrounded by people who are as adventurous and ambitious as you are—even more so. The odds of connecting with the influencers are high—and as a Capricorn, you can never have too many powerful people in your contact database. But you may have to make a unilateral decision near Sunday, even if it brings a little backlash from the team. You know this is best for everyone, so trust your gut and shoot your shot.

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