Capricorn Monthly Horoscope


Who says winter hibernation has to end so soon? Yours is making more of a slow, stage-left exit for the first three weeks of April, and for that you can thank the stars. The Sun is nesting in Aries and your domestic fourth house until April 19, giving you the urge to cozy up at Chateau Capricorn. You’ve got a cosmic permission slip to putter around the kitchen, refresh your seasonal decor and start the second season of Bridgerton. 


Don’t worry, Capricorn, you’ll have plenty of time in between siestas for socializing and fun. Venus, Mars Jupiter AND Neptune are all in Pisces, activating your third house of community, ideas and kindred spirits. Amid your deep sofa lounges, make an effort to reconnect with your favorite people or to check out a newly reopened venue if you feel comfortable doing so.


A historic moment will arrive on April 12, when Jupiter makes its once-every-13-years conjunction (meetup) with enchanting, compassionate Neptune. As the co-rulers of Pisces unite on their home turf for the first time since 1856 (!), you could receive a divine download or news that changes the course of events. Be careful what you share today, though, as their obscuring effect could scramble signals.


A rare doubleheader of new moons will bookend this month, and the second one, on April 30, is an activating solar eclipse. In Taurus and your fifth house of romance and fame, this eclipse could bring unexpected attention your way.

Aries season and the Aries new moon spotlight home and family 

Hibernation may be ending for the rest of the zodiac, but you’ve got a couple more weeks to hunker down at home base, Capricorn. With the Sun visiting Aries and your foundational fourth house until April 19, your domestic and personal affairs are the focal point. Slip off the radar for self-care and some emotional restoration time. Allow yourself to ask for support, especially from family and loved ones. You don’t always have to be the rock for everyone else!


At the April 1 Aries new moon, a new emotional chapter could open that unfolds over the coming six months. With analytical Mercury and healer-feeler Chiron hovering nearby, a deep dive into your feelings could unearth some important discoveries. Do some inner work around childhood patterns that no longer serve you (we all have our share of unconscious ones) and reconnect with your roots. 


Considering a move? Some Capricorns might relocate or start house-hunting this month. Where could your living situation use a change? Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, a new roommate or a “for sale” sign sunk into the lawn, see what this fresh lunar chapter inspires. If your nest feels stressed, turn your home into a haven. Check out our Home Reset course to learn practical Feng Shui that you can use to invite health, wealth and love through your front door.

Slow your roll at the April 4 Mars-Saturn conjunction

Your mind’s on your money, and you’re ready to make some moves. With excitable Mars in Aquarius energizing the financial district of your chart, your boldness can pay off. After the slow start to 2022, you may have some bills to pay and coffers to refill. Watch out world: Here comes the Sea Goat! 


But wait…take a measured pace instead of slamming on the accelerator, Capricorn. On April 4, speedy Mars collides with your ruler, sensible Saturn, and you could get whiplash if you move quickly. As your fellow Capricorn Ben Franklin said, “An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure.” Ignoring that wisdom could lead to a costly mistake. Roll out your plans one step at a time, and only after you’ve done exhaustive research first!


Mars and Saturn are known as the “malefic” (unfavorable or challenging) planets. Their last conjunction was on March 31, 2020, right as the United States ordered a stay-at-home quarantine for 240 million Americans and the pandemic’s reality struck hard. With both planets in Aquarius, the sign of community and society, we can expect to feel the strain of their combined transit once again. All the more reason to be mindful of your money. Pace yourself.

The April 12 Jupiter-Neptune conjunction is a historic day

On April 12, visionary Jupiter and otherworldly Neptune will make their once-every-13-years meetup, a day that could feel steeped in magic but also mired in confusion. As this duo unites in Pisces, the zodiac sign they co-rule, they’ll send both scrambled and supernatural signals into your third house of communication.


While logic and common sense could evade you today (rare for a pragmatic Cap), there’s a unique opportunity to tune in to your subconscious and get in touch with a greater vision for the world. Pisces rules your third house of local events, so you might be inspired to bring change to your community or share a powerful message that impacts your immediate environment.


It’s the first time Jupiter and Neptune have united in Pisces since March 17, 1856, a transformational era for anti-slavery and women’s rights efforts, and a peak era in the Spiritualist movement. Is there a cause that’s close to your heart, Capricorn? Summon your creative powers to share that through a captivating medium—art, writing or perhaps an event that sparks important dialogue.

A career high point at the April 16 Libra full moon

Turning point? The full moon in your professional sector could bring an exciting opportunity to fruition. You might shift gears, leaving one path and moving onto a different one. This full moon may bring a leadershipclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” role, a promotion or fame. But a tense square to Pluto in Capricorn asks: Are these goals aligned with your soul? Don’t get caught up in the ego strokes and accept a gig you’re not into.


On April 18, the Sun and Pluto lock into an exact square, pulling you between your personal desires and the demands of a loved one or needy person. Someone could be tugging on your heartstrings in the hopes of getting what they want. Put the kibosh on these power plays today. You may need to cut the cord with a draining relative or stop letting family weigh in on your choices so heavily.

Taurus season begins April 19, pumping up the passion

A surge of spring fever arrives on April 19, when the Sun begins a monthlong visit to Taurus, your fifth house of romance, passion and play. After a few weeks feeling housebound, reflective or even a bit moody, your joie de vivre returns. Slip out of those yoga pants or comfy sweats and don something a bit more body-con. Peel yourself off the couch and go out dancing, dress up, hit the salon. This is your cosmic coming-out party, Capricorn, so don’t squander a month of good times! 


With changemaker Uranus and the karmic north node in Taurus this year, keep an open mind to people, events and creative projects that aren’t in your normal sight line. Out of nowhere, love or a chance to step into the spotlight could arrive, especially as April closeclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” s. That’s because the month ends with a second new moon on April 30, also called a black moon, the official name for a second new moon that falls in a single calendar month. 


The one also happens to be a partial solar eclipse, a harbinger of change that can happen swiftly and without notice. Stay camera-ready and be prepared to meet someone who might change the course of events near this date. This is the second eclipse in a series falling on the Taurus/Scorpio axis from November 2021 until October 2023, revolutionizing your love life and your friendships. 

Pluto turns retrograde of the year on April 29

Identity crisis—or personal brand makeover? The way you present yourself could undergo a transformation from April 29 to October 8 as shape-shifter Pluto turns retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, a five-month window to pause, course-correct and make sure you’re on an authentic life path. 


Use this period to examine who you are in relation to other people. Do you enjoy the role you play? Do you feel fulfilled by the interactions? Could you be more assertive, or more public about certain talents, beliefs and opinions? By the same token, look to where you may be casting your pearls before swine, wasting your energy trying to convince people to see or do things your way when they are simply not aligned with your energetic vibration. 


Pluto is in Capricorn from 2008 to 2024, making a lengthy but irrefutable impact on your entire persona. Because Pluto is such a slow-moving celestial body, not all of us will experience a visit to our signs during this lifetime—so you are both lucky AND in the cosmic hot seat, chosen for an intense mission of sorts. Figuring out what that mission actually is could take its fair share of time, but there’s no denying that your priorities—and maybe your entire lifestyle—have shifted during this cycle. The retrograde gives you a chance to integrate and process it all.

Speak your truth, Capricorn! The love planets, Venus and Mars, will spend much of the month in Pisces and your third house of communication, friendship and social activity. You’re craving more variety and room to mingle—and a fun companion could make those spontaneous adventures all the better. Coupled Capricorns will feel closer to their plus-ones by hanging out with mutual friends, taking a class or tackling a collaborative project. Doing something in your shared wheelhouse will remind you why you’re such a dynamic duo. 


While harmonizer Venus visits Pisces from April 5 to May 2, aim to be a better listener AND conversationalist. You can be quite a stubborn Sea Goat, acting in a reserved manner that others sometimes find intimidating or judgmental. Soften it up a little, Cap. When assertive Mars charges into Pisces from April 14 to May 24, make more of an effort to be transparent and ask people poignant questions. If you’re in a relationship, that includes your partner. Jumping to conclusions or flinging accusations will only drive a wedge between you. 


Instead of fighting, talk dirty…or flirty! Sexy Mars in this chatty zone can heat up some spicy dialogue. Be more forthright about your desires, even if you feel a little vulnerable in doing so. An online connection could heat up and sparks could fly with a friend or new acquaintance. For couples, this Mars cycle may make you especially argumentative, so watch an urge to play devil’s advocate or be unnecessarily combative with your mate. 


The best day for an open-hearted dialogue is April 30, when Venus teams up with outspoken Jupiter in Pisces and a Taurus solar eclipse beams into your expressive, passionate fifth house. Wear your feelings boldly on your sleeve today and let someone important know what you’ve been keeping inside.

Your money’s on your mind quite a lot in the first half of April as energizer Mars blazes through Aquarius and your financial district. Since March 6, the red planet has brought opportunity and stress in equal measure. While Mars remains here through April 14, step on the gas with your efforts to increase revenue or income. Put in a few longer hours to push a project across the finish line. Pay down a bill that’s been stressing you out or arrange a payment plan. If you’re in line for a promotion or a hot new client prospect, know that the squeaky wheel will get the premium-grade oil!


The April 16 Libra full moon in your professional sector could bring an exciting opportunity to fruition. Set your sights on this date for any major meetings, pitches or professional victories. You might shift gears, leaving one path and moving onto a different one. This full moon may bring a leadership role, a promotion or fame. But a tense square to Pluto in Capricorn asks: Are these goals aligned with your soul? Don’t get caught up in the ego strokes and accept a gig you’re not into.


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Love Days: 2, 8

Money Days: 15, 23

Luck Days: 13, 21

Off Days: 5, 10, 19


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