Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote 2nd Generation Review

Beyerdynamic isn’t normally associated with IEMs, but the Xelento has been a major item that has been around for a significant amount of time. The brand that has produced some of the most notable studio headphones has a single premium IEM in its library. The Xelento Remote has now come to continue the series with new updates and improvements.  Let’s see what these new Xelento IEMs have in store for $999.

What You Get

  • Xelento IEMs
  • Hard Case
  • MMCX 3.5mm cable
  • MMCX 4.4mm Pentaconn cable
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Cable clips
  • 7 sizes of silicone ear tips
  • Comply TX-500 foam ear tips (S/M/L)
  • Spare cerumen protective grid
  • Quick start guide

Beyerdynamic single

Look and Feel

For the new Xelento, Beyerdynamic hasn’t changed much about its main design. You get the same silver shell with an updated logo plating and a mirror finish. Even though I had no qualms with the original structure of the housing, I thought some updates could have been made. Proper ear hooks for the cables would have been an easy fix for the loops not staying in one place. I kept having to throw the cable back behind my ear like it was a strand of hair. When it comes to the in-ear fit though, the Xelento fits almost perfectly. It is like the earpiece has no weight to it at all, sitting comfortably in your concha and with great support. They never feel cumbersome, and wearing them for a few hours goes without any major fatigue.

Beyerdynamic cable


At its core, the new Xelento is structured around its 11mm Tesla driver, which aims to reproduce the highest detail within the most spacious image. This new, second-generation design changes the tuning from the first Xelento, hoping to give listeners a new experience with a fresh new sound. Its output is strong and is easy to drive from any 3.5mm or 4.4mm headphone jack. The signal will always be sufficient at 16 Ohms. 

Beyerdynamic Pair


I remember the original Xelento having a wide soundstage with deeply layered performances. The Xelento Remote has some of that same ability but on a flatter plain. It is surprisingly a lot more linear than I had expected. Stereo imaging is definitely wide and positioned clearly, and it fills your headspace well enough. However, the sound elements don’t really have a dimensional appearance in the mix.

Not every IEM has to have this form of soundstage but in this price range, I would prefer something with more immersion than what the Xelento offers. What it does offer though is an accurate, dynamic stereo field in its most pure form. Sounds move throughout the left and right channels with great finesse. Pan movements are well articulated and provide realistic imaging. While the sound might not come outward or layer itself in a more dramatic fashion, the Xelento has its uses. It showcases a wide soundstage for easy reference.

Low End

This bass is tight and quick, punching hard and leaving room for more. The Xelento Remote is able to feature a lot of dynamic qualities in the bass. It doesn’t have a ton of slam, but its impact covers a wide array of frequency content that can easily grip you. Lucious grooves are more than present here, and they resonate in a way that feels totally natural. The mid-bass is the most expressive region of the lows, but the sub-bass also offers some nice subtle extension that really brings out the tone in a gratifying way.


The midrange has some life to it, and the resolution is clean and natural. You get some good drive that displays the instruments and vocals with realism. There’s a weight here that resonates throughout the region. Instruments protrude outward, with rich vibration that can be heard in strings. It is a biting response that can be felt throughout the fundamental and upper mids. They don’t rely too much on power to add energy to the mix, allowing the details to cut through in a way that appears accurate to the performance.


There is a small tinge of piercing energy to the highs that I found engaging enough to enjoy. Mostly, the treble remains a natural part of the sound signature. The frequencies fill out the top end of the spectrum with enough force to break through the mix without appearing harsh. The slightest sibilance is welcomed here, especially when expressing vocals. 


If you enjoy Beyerdynamic headphones and are looking for the IEM version of their sound, then the Xelento Remote 2nd generation is the perfect fit. Everything from its soundstage to its treble replicates the accuracy and reliability that a Beyerdynamic sound signature has to offer. You can wear them for hours with no struggle, minus a minor gripe I have with its cable and ear loops. With the new Xelento, Beyerdynamic reintroduces its flagship IEM with much success. 



  • Wide soundstage
  • Tight bass
  • Rich mids
  • Energectic highs
  • Comfortable fit 
  • Balanced cable 
  • Linear imaging
  • Needs better ear loops

The Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote 2nd Generation is available here.

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