Best Wireless Headsets for Call Centers.

The telephone is the essential part of a call center, for the same reason it can become a lousy environment. To provide the best attention over the phone the agents require the best headset that can provide exceptional sound and allow them to keep mobility as well. We review and recommend some headsets available in the market.

The first one on the list is the Jabra Pro 920 Duo, with a nice wireless range up to 350ft , covering both ears help to isolate the outside noise and have a better sound quality, compatible with just about all the desk phones on the market makes this one one of thejabra pro 920 duo (2-ears) wireless headset view best options for a light, easy to use and affordable headset. Thanks to the DECT wireless built in, you can get a minimum of 8 hours on battery life with just one single charge. Offering Jabra’s Digital Signal Processing, which means you get the best sound quality by removing the background noise and echo. The advantage of just 80g of weight makes this a real good headset for daily wear without compromising comfort and performance. A nice feature is that you can pair up to 4 headsets for conference call, which makes it an excellent and affordable option for conference calls or training purposes.

Personally, would like to recommend Jabra Engage 65 Stereo Wireless Headset System as one of my favorite and top picks. The Headset offers multi connectivity, so you can use it with one desk phone, two computers by USB ports and 2 Bluetooth enable devicesjabra engage 65 stereo wireless headset system view such as cell phones and tablets. The base of the headset is touch screen and offers you configuration of the headset and offers information like talk time, remaining battery and device being used. Very light and easy to use, specially for people with eye glasses, the headset is a comfortable option. Built in Busy light that turn on whenever you are in a call, really useful for front desk staff or open office environment where you can let people know when in a call.


The new addition by Plantronics is the new Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7220 Office Wireless Headset Stereo, this new member of the Poly , formerly Plantronics brand with

Poly (Plantronics) Savi 7220 Office Wireless Headset Stereo

an impressive range of up to 400 feet that is a big improvement versus the previous CS generation of 300 feet, meaning a new increase of 100 feet. With a new and improved talk time of up to 12 hours instead of the old 7-8 hours of talk time. The design of the headset and base is a big improvement against the old one, the new mute key is now easy to find in the headset in an intuitive design. This model is compatible with either HL10 lifters or with EHS adapters, Give us a call if want to orders yours today or you can get it HERE.

For those users wanting the best on a wireless headset to work with multiple devices, Jabra has their answer in the shape of the Jabra Engage 75 Stereo Wireless Headset System, this is considered the top of the crown on Jabra’s Call Center wireless headsets. This unit allows to be used not just with a desk phone, but with a desk phone, 2jabra engage 75 stereo wireless headset system view computers via USB with the included cables and 2 Bluetooth enable devices as the base has the Bluetooth built in capability in its base. Making it the answer for 1 single headset if the user has different devices and avoid being switching headsets all the time. The base offers a nice LCD screen that projects vital information such as battery remaining, talk time, devices plugged in, device engaged and date/time. The same base gives a notification/reminder when the user is muted when on a live call. Thanks to its built in busy light on the headset and the microphone boom arm tip helps the user to let people know when on a live call. Thanks to its high encryption chipset, allows to have up to X3 the time of headsets in a same close location and Military grade encryption to give peace of mind when on a secure location for better privacy when on use with a call. Get yours HERE. 

Next on the chain we have the Savi 8220, this headset offers an exceptional wireless range of up to 590ft, active noise canceling and the availability to connect to desk phone, computer and cell phone via Bluetooth. Under the philosophy of “One headset for all yourplantronics savi 8220 wireless headset binaural savi 8200 series view devices” , I love the seamless connectivity with my tablet, cell phone and phone at work Personally, my favorite in the list. Thanks to the Active Noise Canceling feature ont he headset, allows to block most of the unwanted noises on a loud office. This unit is Telecoil Hearing Aid Compatible as well and offering a range of up to 590 feet on line of sight. Thanks to the Poly Lens software, you can even change the language of the headset , change its settings and it is compatible with Windows and Mac.

EPOS formerly known as Sennheiser gets in the game thanks to its EPOS Sennheiser SDW 5065 Binaural Dual Connect Wireless Headset. This a rich stereo sound quality wireless headset with an incredible sound quality, making you feel that you are in a highepos sennheiser sdw 5065 binaural dual connect wireless headset view performance concert! The SDW 5065 offers dual connectivity so can be used with a desk phone and with the computer thanks to the included cables. With a range of up to 590 feet on line of sight and really noticeable built in busy light on the headset. With easy to use controls on the base that allows to select the device to be in use and as a reminder when on mute. With noise canceling microphone in a bendable boom arm, makign it a nice contender in our suggestions. Get your SDW 5065 HERE.

A newer member of the Savi Office family headsets comes in the shape of Poly Savi 7420 Office Stereo Wireless Headset, 7400 series. This new headset offers triple connectivity, poly savi 7420 office stereo wireless headset, 7400 series viewwhich means that can be used with a desk phone, the computer and a Bluetooth enable device at the same time while on the office. Thanks to the new LED screen built in the base the user can easily customize settings on the headset and thanks to its user friendly interface and easily readable face allows the user to know battery lifetime, talk time, date/time and the now easy to find and trigger keys allows to alert the device engage as they light up when pushed and they work as buys light and mute reminder when on a live call. Acoustic Fence technology can be found on the bendable microphone boom arm now, making it an awesome offer for really loud environments including loud AC units or fans or open office scenarios. Get yours HERE. 

For multi connectivity, EPOs offers its EPOS SDW 5066 Binaural Triple Connect Wireless Headset. The wireless headset system allows you to use it with a desk phone, a computer via USB and with a Bluetooth enable device. The easy to use base allows the user to select the device wanting to engage and offers vital information regarding the headset such as battery life. Thanks to the magnetic cradle, the user can rest assure the headset will be charged without complications when just place the headset on the base as the magnets will attract the headset to the base, letting the user know that the headset is on position. Thanks its Ultra Noise Canceling Microphone, and incredible sound quality let the SDW 5066 users to get lost in a rich sound quality streaming or live conversation. Built in busy light is found on the headset with warning indicator for battery charge. Get yours HERE. 

Poly offers the second generation of its Savi Office headsets as the new Poly Savi 8420 Office Wireless Headset Binaural 8400 series. The newest improvement would be easily poly savi 8420 office wireless headset binaural 8400 series viewnoticeable on the base of the wireless headset  that offers now an easy to read LED screen with a scroll wheel that let the user to customize the features of the headset without the use of the computer. Offering connectivity with a desk phone, computer and Bluetooth enable device with easy to see and read light up keys that work as reminders for mute on a live call. The headset offers close conversation limiting microphone technology that block unwanted noises on a loud office such as loud coworkers in a conversation for example. The headset is Telecoil Hearing Aid compatible for users looking for a wireless headset for their office use when using their hearing aids. Get yours HERE. 


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