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Whether you arrived here because you’re looking for a good holiday gift or you’re just looking to make your gaming setup more immersive and comfortable, you’re in the right place. Let’s jump into it and go over the best gaming headsets you can buy in 2022.


Beyerdynamic MMX 100

Generally known by their loyal fan base for making exceptionally balanced and accurate headphones that are used by casual listeners and mix engineers alike, Beyerdynamic has seemed to successfully carve a niche for itself in gaming headsets and headphones. The company’s MMX 100 came out earlier this year with some pretty premium features at a relatively low price – making this one quite the value buy. Though the ultra-balanced Beyerdynamic sound is still present, a considerable amount of bass and warmth has been thrown into the MMX 100. They possess a big cinematic sound without making audio sound like it’s filtered through a pillow (anyone who’s owned a $20 pair of gaming headphones knows exactly what I’m talking about). Beyond its well-articulated sound signature, my personal favorite feature is the detachable and highly flexible META VOICE condenser boom microphone that picks up and transmits audio with crystal clarity. An easy-to-reach volume wheel and mute-mic button are featured on the bottom of the cans. Between its very comfortable fit, clean balance, and premium microphone, the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 has a very understated value and can even serve a dual purpose as a great set of casual office headphones.


Read more about or purchase the Beyerdynamic MMX 100 here from Audio46.

Also check out the moderately upgraded Beyerdynamic MMX 150 here from Audio46.


Audio Technica ATH-DGL3 (Open Back)

Audio-Technica, ATH-GDL3, gaming

The ATH-DGL3 is to AudioTechnica what the MMX 100 is to Beyerdynamic: a company known for making balanced headphones putting a new twist and purpose on their classic tuning. Unlike the MMX 100, however, the ATH-DGL3 is open-back. While preferences vary, I find this open-back design to give the ATH-DGL3 a slight edge over the MMX 100. Gamers reading this are likely familiar with the sensation of having no idea how loud your voice is when a pair of closed back headphones are blasting you with a wall of sound. The open-back design of the ATH-DGL3 helps to vastly reduce this issue, as outside sounds are allowed to pass through the open grill on the back of the cans. This makes talking to teammates feel a whole lot more natural. Another benefit of it being open-back is an improved sense of distance, imaging, and general direction. Also worth noting is the detachable and flexible boom mic it comes with, which has a highly directional input to pick up your voice instead of your environment. Like the MMX 100, it has a volume wheel and mic on/off button on the bottom of its cans.


Read more about or purchase the Audio-Technica ATH-DGL3 here from Audio46.


Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Version 2

MMX 300, Version 2, headset

As you may have already guessed, the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 is the premium version of the MMX 100, and is for those who take their gaming sound quality seriously. It features a wide frequency response that’s on par with audiophile standards. Its sound signature can be characterized by its boosted mid-bass, center mids, and airy high-end. Honestly, it’s not often that I get to write “airy” as an adjective for a pair of gaming headphones, but Beyerdynamic takes a page out of their reference/studio releases by leaning into the higher frequencies on the MMX 300. This gives a listener the full scope of subtle details present in a game’s sound design – a tasteful contrast to the all-bass-in-your-face approach that too many gaming headsets take. The MMX 300 also features improved imaging when compared to its littler siblings, making it easier to tell whether a sound is coming from in front of or behind you. It comes with an an upgrade in the ear pads, which are the famously soft and comfortable Beyerdynamic velours. Its volume and mic controls are located on a remote on the wire, and it also comes with a PC “Y” extension cable and a hard shell case. Unless you’re going for something truly boutique, it’s hard to find a better gaming headphone on the market.


Read more about or purchase the Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Version 2 here from Audio46.


Final Audio VR3000

Final Audio, VR3000, IEM, in-ear, earbud

Though not a headset proper, Final Audio’s VR3000 gaming IEMs serve the same function. “Gaming earbuds, really?” If you haven’t tried a good set of in-ear monitors before, you might not be aware of the unique, highly spatial experiences they’re capable of producing. If analytical listening plays any part in your gaming style, you might want to keep reading. Though infinitely less expensive than some of Final Audio’s ultra-premium, audiophile-grade releases, the company’s penchant for fine detail is plenty present in the VR3000. Final Audio designed this IEM specifically to deal with issues that arise in the treble region of spatial sounds when represented binaurally in stereo. An “f-Core du” serves as an inexpensive optimization of the unit’s 6mm dynamic driver. Final Audio even included special ear hooks that serve to minimize the sound of the cable bumping up against your body. The VR3000 was createdwith virtual reality games and headsets in mind, which is a testament to the spatial focus that went into its design. It can also be paired with PC, PlayStation, X-Box, and Wii, and features a simple mic on its cable.


Read more about or purchase the Final Audio VR3000 here from Audio46.


HONORABLE MENTION: Grado Prestige X Series Headphones

Grado, 325x, on-ear

Though these are decidedly not gaming headsets, Brooklyn-based Grado Labs makes headphones that not only sound great with music, but seem to me to be optimal for game audio as well. As some readers likely already know, a lot of gamers look for a headset that has rumble present in it to give that extra bit of immersive tactility. Grado’s Prestige X Series headphones don’t just rumble – they violently vibrate, in the best way possible. Book-ending the Prestige X series is the SR-60X and the SR-325X as the most affordable and premium models, respectively. Generally speaking, bass response increases the further up in the series you go. However, what makes Grados special is their on-ear design that transmits powerful vibrations on the outside of the ear. This vibratory character goes beyond low bass frequencies, and is distinctly noticeable well into the mid-range as well. If you’re playing single-player triple-A titles that don’t require a mic, a Grado headphone could be one of the most entertaining and engaging ways to hear all the details that go into well-produced game sound design.


Read more about or purchase Grado Prestige X Series headphones here from Audio46.


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