AT&T unlimited subscriber gets a ridiculous bill and bursts into tears

Do you think that your monthly wireless bill is high? TikTok user Lulú Tovar (via DailyDot) just received a shocking monthly invoice from AT&T that totaled close to $6,000. “I wish this was a joke,” she wrote on top of a TikTok video that she posted on the platform. The exact amount of the bill is $5,973.98, due by September 14th, and Lulú writes, “My whole day is ruined. I spent an 1.5 hour on the phone with customer service crying. I’ve called multiple times in the past few weeks & everyone told me my bill was going to be $120. Idk how this happens.”

Tovar signed up with AT&T’s Unlimited Starter plan giving her unlimited talk, text, and data

The AT&T plan selected by Ms. Tovar was the Unlimited Starter plan that includes unlimited talk, text & data. Despite the plan she selected, her bill shows that she was charged a whopping $6,006 for the use of 3,003 MB (or 3.003GB) of data at the price of $2 per MB. She was also charged $16.50 for sending 55 picture and video messages at 30 cents a message.

Tovar says, ““I told them I’m going to keep calling them because this is ridiculous. I just think it’s very unfortunate that we have to jump through all these hoops to get our service. There’s literally nobody we can talk to that can help with this at this moment.” She adds that she has filed a complaint with the FCC and in the comments section others advised her to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). “File a complaint with BBB someone will contact you from the company asap and fix it,” one TikToker wrote. “This happened to me with a phone line they added.”

Another comment came from a Verizon subscriber who noted, “I literally use like 700GB a month in data with Verizon, which is 700k MB. That bill would be $1.4 mil for me.” An AT&T employee also had a suggestion. “As an AT&T employee, I would definitely take this to a corporate store and speak with the manager. A corporate store should be able to fix all this…I’ve been with the company for a minute and it’s not a hard fix. Just takes a willing employee.”
We have a late update to report. On September 1st, AT&T announced that the issue was resolved. “We’ve worked with this customer to resolve concerns regarding her wireless account. The bill was adjusted, and she is satisfied,” the company stated.

AT&T resolves the issue and Tovar explains what went wrong

As for Lulú, she obviously is happy to have the issue taken care of. “This morning I received a phone call from the office of the president at AT&T they received my case as it was escalated over all the buzz. They were able to clear all the charges including my bill for this month. They even added some bill credits to cover my next month’s bill.”

She explained how AT&T screwed up. While Lulú and her sister both signed up for an unlimited plan, her sister was being charged by the carrier depending on usage. That is a huge blunder on AT&T’s part. As we noted, Tovar is happy that the ordeal has come to an end. And while she thanked those on social media who supported her, she did write, “I’m so grateful to all the folks that commented and even reached out to me on Instagram wanting to help me out. I’m disappointed to see comments saying that they are going through the same thing with bills ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars.”

She adds, “Something needs to be done to better serve the consumers because life is already hard enough with the state of the world and inflation in this country. I hope the company truly puts better practices in places going forward.”

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