Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

WEEK OF March 7 – 1 3, 2022

Money matters shoot to the top of the priority list this Wednesday, March 9, as messenger Mercury wraps its extended run through your sign and decamps to your second house of money and security until March 27. During this fast but furious transit, your thoughts may shift to such pressing concerns as your cash flow. During Mercury’s lengthy tour of your sign (extra-long because of a retrograde from January 25 to February 3), you might have been unable to curb your spending urges. Maybe you have a closetful of lovely things and a few fine “objets” to show for your efforts—but also a credit card bill that could send you on a one-way guilt trip. Don’t hit the panic button just yet, Aquarius. With analytical Mercury taking inventory in this fiscally savvy part of your chart, you CAN get a handle on your budget. First step: Stop unnecessary spending and, if necessary, put the plastic under lock and key. If you can’t afford to pay cash, you can’t afford it. Period. Over the next few weeks, get comfortable in your kitchen and plan some exciting and healthy meals, which will save you a lot of money AND be healthier to boot. Think about it like this: You’ll enjoy your new spring wardrobe a lot more knowing you can pay your rent on time.

Not to worry about boredom, Water Bearer! On Thursday, a quarter moon in Gemini and your glamorous, amorous fifth house fires up your romance zone, turning your attention away from your closet toward a special someone. Sweet, but this recalibrating moon may nudge you to consider just how rewarding your love life is. Are you in a solid and happy union—or are you coasting along in an undefined “situationship” that’s stirring up insecurities? Now is the perfect moment to get your hands back on the wheel and steer things in the direction you WANT to be headed. If you are in a relationship, have a sit-down conversation to discuss your individual and shared plans for the future. But not some ambiguous chat that doesn’t give you any clarity—or assurance. You might need to come right out and state your needs, including your vision of the ideal relationship. (Note, we didn’t say “perfect” because there’s no such unicorn.) Single? Let your light shine bright! Get a style makeover (makeunder?) to renew your confidence, and get out and mingle (or start swiping right a whole lot more!).

On Sunday, the illuminating Sun has its annual meetup with idealistic Neptune in dreamy Pisces and your financial zone on Sunday, which could threaten to undo some of the good you did earlier in the week. But with advance warning, you can avoid a budgetary meltdown. Spend part of Sunday reviewing your goals and the steps you’ve outlined to reach them. If things aren’t clear or convincing, research a good adviser you can contact early next week. Ask savvy friends if they have any recommendations. And recommit to all the small “sacrifices” you chose to start paying down debt and building your nest egg. Little tweaks CAN make a huge difference. On the plus side, the Sun-Neptune summit can spawn some creative ideas for earning more cash, like turning one of your hobbies into a profitable side hustle.

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